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Benefits of green roofs

The green movement is becoming a popular concept in home décor.  Now many homeowners are moving forward to utilize eco-friendly furniture and flooring. In addition, a green roof has many benefits to society, economy, and overall global environment.  Now green roofs are part of the climate-proof construction. The green roofs are also known as “eco-roofs”.

Before knowing the benefits of green roofs, let’s understand – What is a green roof? The green roof is a cover of your current roof that uses plants such as grasses and lichens to cover the top of your house. The green roofs consist of five basic layers – the roof deck, a waterproof membrane, soil-filter fabric, several inches of lightweight soil mix and plants. The process of making your roof green involves many steps such as water proofing your existent roof, applying a root repellent system and a drainage system. You can include flowers, sod, vegetables and even trees on your rooftop.

A green roof provides many benefits to you as well as society. According to one study, it has been proved that a green roof can reduce your cooling costs by 25% during the summer month alone. Here we have provided the list containing the benefits of green roofs:

1 Increased the lifespan of the roof

Roof constantly deals with wind, rain, ultraviolet light, and fluctuating temperature. Green roofs will triple the rooftop’s life expectancy. Green roofs are known to last from 30 to 50 years. This time period is much longer than the conventional roofs. The soil mixture and the plants protect the waterproof membrane and decking from sunlight. Changes in temperature cause roofing to expand and shrink, damaging roofing and shingles. Green roofs protect the roof from this kind of damages. Moreover, green roofs require less maintenance which leads to saving your money.

2 Green roofs are energy efficient

Green roofs reduce the heat flux through the roof. Because of green roof, less energy is required for cooling or heating, which leads to significant cost savings. A typical black roof observes about 150 degrees in summer time, while green roofs get to the 100 degrees. Usually green roofs are installed with water management systems that helps to lock in moisture. In winter, green roofs minimizes heat loss through added insulation on the roof.

3 Improved air quality

The air pollution is a great problem in urban areas. The plants from rooftop filter the air and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Because more plants mean cleaner air. The green roofs also help to reduce gaseous pollutants and dust particles by removing a proportion of them from the immediate environment. So basically, green roofs help to improve overall air quality. According to one study, green roofs help to reduce 37% of sulfur dioxide, 21% of nitrous acid and 0.2 kg of dust particles/square meter each year.  If you have a green roof then be happy because you are actually contributing to air purification.

4 Improve quality of life

Along with many environmental benefits, green roofs provide a natural aesthetic value to your home. As green roofs help support wildlife, they are perfect for attracting birds and to create eco-friendly habitat. Green roofs also increases oxygen production. Green roofs also help to reduce urban heat island effect. Plants from the green roof act as natural filters. Ultimately green roofs lead to saving money, improved lifestyle and environment as well.

Many of the urban areas have started to promote the concept of the green roofs.  Green roof is a great way to keep our planet healthy and green for next generations as well. Green roofs also provide business opportunities for roofing contractors, and other green industry members. If you are also thinking about having a green roof for your home or office then you can contact the contractor or you can simply start building green roof by yourself. There are many different types of benefits when it comes to green roof. Green roof does not only save your money but it is also eco-friendly concept for better global environment. Many countries have made green roof mandatory for flats and buildings. To encourage citizens, government of different cities also has started offering tax abatements.


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