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Apple Music launches new weekly “Friends Mix” in for you

For more than a year Apple Music users have been enjoying the Chill mix. It is a curated mix of tracks to help you unwind over the weekend. Now Apple has rolled out a new discovery mix called ‘Friends Mix’. Friends Mix collects 25 songs that your Apple Music friends have been listening to. Friends Mix will update on Monday every week. Friend Mix is a new addition to the algorithm-based mixes you already have access to on Apple Music.

With iOS 11, Apple dramatically simplified its social offerings in Apple Music. You can simply follow friends and they will follow you back. Listening history is automatically shared so music from your friends can be surfaced as recommendations in the “Friends Are Listening To” section.

friends mix apple music

You can also tap through to a friend’s profile and see their full listening history on Apple Music. The new “Friends Mix” formalizes this somewhat into weekly playlists of tracks, which you can find in For You or simply ask Siri to “Play my friends mix”. According to report, the “Friends Mix” updates every Monday, “Favorite Mix” on Tuesday, “New Music Mix” on Friday, and “Chill Mix” on Sunday.

This means that there are only three days of the week for Apple to fill with algorithmically curated playlists. The “Friends Mix” gives us a glimpse of the social angle to Apple Music going one level deeper. It means that you might want to start curating the people you are following in order to get better song recommendations on some of these playlists.

Apple Music is having a battle with Spotify to become the world’s most popular music streaming service. Spotify has 83 million users wherein Apple Music has 50 million users.


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