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Agile Vs. DevOps: What’s the difference?

Before we start understanding the major difference between Agile and DevOps – let’s understand the basics of Agile and DevOps. In this post, we have covered the concept of Agile vs DevOps. Read on to know more.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software development method which focuses on communication, integration and, collaboration among IT professionals to enable rapid deployment of products.

What is Agile?

Agile refers to an iterative approach which focuses on collaboration, customer feedback, and small rapid releases.

Difference between Agile and DevOps

Points  Agile DevOps
Purpose Agile helps to manage complex projects. DevOps helps to manage end-to-end engineering processes.
Tasks Agile process focuses on constant changes. DevOps focuses on constant testing and delivery.
Automation Agile doesn’t emphasize on automation. Though it helps. Automation is the primary goal of DevOps. It works on the principle to maximize efficiency when deploying software.
Advantage Agile offers a shorter development cycle and improved defect detection. DevOps supports Agile’s release cycle.
Challenge The agile method needs teams to be more productive which is difficult to match every time. DevOps process needs to development, testing, and production environments to streamline work.
Team size Small team is at the core of Agile. As smaller is the team, the faster they can move. Relatively larger team size as it involves all the stack holders.
Tools JIRA, Bugzilla, and Kanboard are some popular Agile tools. Puppet, Chef, TeamCity Open Stack and AWS are popular DevOps tools.
Emphasis Agile emphasizes on software development methodology for developing software. When the software is developed and released, the agile team will not care what happens to it. DevOps is all about taking software which is ready for release and deploying it in a reliable and secure manner.



Agile produces better applications suits with the desired requirements.  It can easily adapt according to the changes made on time, during the project life. DevOps, along with automation and early bug removal, contributes to creating better quality. Developers need to follow coding and architectural best practices to maintain quality standards.
Focus It focuses on functional and non-functional readiness. It focuses more on operational and business readiness.

It is true that both Agile and DevOps help to develop an application fast, keeping sound structure and risk-free application. Agile and DevOps both are software development methodologies with a common vision – that is to encourage teams to collaborate and make decisions together in a way to benefit from their combined skills.


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