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Advantages of Earthbag House

The new trend in the world of green architecture is an Earth Bag House. People who are thinking about building a sustainable high mass home – Earth Bag House is the right choice. This concept of Earthbag house is becoming popular among people. As Earthbag houses are becoming a part of the green revolution. What actually Earthbag house is? – It is a bag filled with earth. The bags which are used in building earth house are usually low-priced. Specially misprinted bags are sold in very low-price. This concept is usually used by the military in the emergency situation or in case of the flood.

Though building an Earthbag house is a labor-intensive process, it has many other benefits which should be considered. For example, Earthbag buildings are that much tough that they have been known to damage the earthquake-testing equipment and didn’t show any sign of structural weakness. Moreover, Earthbag house stores both heat and cool. So in summer and winter season – you don’t need to worry about the effect of climate change in your home.

Why to build earthbag house

Why should you build an Earthbag house? What are the key benefits of building an Earthbag house? The list of some of the advantages are given as under:

1. Environment-friendly

An earthbag house helps to save the environment. As it is not built by construction methods using cement and bricks. Earthbag houses are completely natural and it does not pollute the environment. The materials which are used in the construction of Earthbag house are directly used from nature. In short, Earthbag house does not harm the environment in any manner.

2. Simplicity

Building an Earthbag house is very simple. With basic tools and materials, you can convert a pile of dirt into a beautifully structured Earthbag house. All you have to do is filling up sacks with wed mud, laying them end to end and simply squashing them flat. After that rings of barbed wire are run between the layers to prevent them from slipping away from each other. No specific skills are required to build an Earthbag house. Anyone with basic knowledge can build Earthbag homes.

3. Economical to build

The materials which are being used for building an Earthbag house is free. Because the material is obtained directly from a building site. Therefore, you don’t have to bear the cost of purchasing the material or transportation cost of bringing the material at the site. The only cost you have to bear is of manual labor required to build the Earthbag house, the cost of sacks, barbed wire, and the roof.

4. Flood-proof

You don’t have to worry a lot about issues arising from flood if you have built a sustainable Earthbag house. Because the bags hold the structure in place and prevent the mud walls from washing away.

Moreover, Earthbag houses are soundproof. So you can use your home as a recording studio.  Earthbag houses turn out to be fireproof as well. Because electric wiring faults are no threat to the earth wall. As Earthbag house acts as one enormous earthing device and also mud doesn’t burn. The Earthbag houses also have been shown to withstand earthquakes. In most of the scenarios, the Earthbag houses are built in disaster-striking areas.

We have listed some basic tips for you to consider while building an Earthbag house:

tips to build earthbag house

  • You should place the bucket as the base of the pile and use a digging tool to pull the soil into the bucket. This way the soil falls into the bucket with minimum effort. Also, you have to put less effort in comparison to shoveling.
  • Mix the gravel and cement, dry it and then add clay. So that clay will not stick to itself. Also be careful with moisture content as you have to mix the damp properly to form a brick once tempted. But it should not be wet enough that water leaks from the bag when tempted.
  • To provide moldable strength and to keep bags from slipping – you should place the barbed wire between each layer of bags.
  • To prevent settling, you should tamp down each layer of bags and make sure that each layer is level.
  • Don’t try to build irregular shapes. Instead, choose round shape. Round shaped rooms will make your Earthbag house stronger. You should make sure that you use the central pole. While building your Earthbag house – if you want to avoid mistakes then recheck your measurements.
  • Add more doors & windows in your Earthbag house.

Earthbag houses can be a pretty good option as it requires little or no maintenance, they are energy efficient, easy to construct and highly sustainable. The biggest benefit is it’s affordable. So if you are looking for a house that is cozy and has the touch of nature then we will recommend you to construct an Earthbag house. You will find a step-by-step guide for building an Earthbag house at  By following the simple steps from this website, you will be able to save a lot of money and time as well as build a beautiful Earthbag house for yourself.


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