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8 Ways to be more grateful in everyday life

We get so busy in our lives that we don’t have time to appreciate what we have in our life. When you start to be grateful in your life, you allow yourself to be happier. According to one research, it’s proven that when you are grateful towards life, you will feel happier. You might ask – “How can I feel more grateful in my everyday life?”

Here are 8 ways to be more grateful in everyday life:

1. Appreciate everything

You don’t need to wait for miracles to feel gratitude. Start appreciating everything good in your life. John Wooden used to say –

“The great secret of life is to cultivate the ability to appreciate the things we have, not compare them.”

There will be thousands of things in your life that you have and you did not do anything to earn them. For example, the beauty of nature, love of our family & friends and the country we live in. You can appreciate small single gestures of your life. Don’t leave out anything. Even you can appreciate your watchman for taking care of your security in society.

2. Keep a gratitude journal

gratitude journal

How can you keep track of the positives in your life? Keep a notebook with you and every day write down the things you are grateful for. Read your gratitude every month or whenever you feel down. According to one person, it is proved that people who have a habit of keeping a gratitude journal, feel happier throughout their lives.

Take out little time for yourself and recall the moments of gratitude throughout the day. It can be any small gesture or small event occurred. Reread your journal and you will realize how lucky you are.

3. Volunteer

Helping others foster our inner spirituality. For some, gratitude means giving something back to society. Feeling of helping others increases our well-being. One research found that volunteering is the most reliable way to increase your well-being.

If you take regular part in volunteering, you will have a lower risk of depression. There are many non-profit organizations out there. You can join them and be part of their activities. When you become a volunteer and helps others without expectation – you will feel humble. It is your way to show gratitude towards life.

4. Don’t compare yourself with others

All humans have natural tendency to compare themselves with others. This activity does not help to be grateful in life. There will be always people rich, intelligent and successful than you. The comparison will not give you good feelings. It will simply make you feel inferior.

Instead of focusing on others, focus on how great you are. Count your blessings and strengths. If you keep on comparing yourself with others – you will end up forgetting what you have to offer to the world. Use your energy in being grateful for the abilities you have.

5. Show that you care

show that you care gratitude

Thank you is a very short and sweet word. How often you say thank you? Not everyone has a habit of complimenting and being grateful. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. When you praise them and show that you care about them, they feel good.

Actually showing that you care should not be in your to-do list. You should naturally be thankful towards the things you have and the people you have in your life. At the workplace, when you recognize someone’s hard work and efforts, it indicates that you value his/her efforts. This way people will feel motivated. Showing that you care is a great way to be grateful.

6. Express yourself

Keeping gratitude to yourself is not enough. You can increase the feeling of gratitude by expressing to other people you care about. You can brighten up someone’s day by showing you care about them. Make a phone call to your long lost friend.

Many researchers suggest writing a letter with your hands rather than printing it out. If it’s not possible then you can simply mail them. Express your feelings toward people you care about. According to one research, when people expressed their gratitude through a phone call, their happiness level increased by 19%.

7. Watch your language

Complaining about the world and criticizing others will not give you a happy feeling. Those words are simply a waste of time. You will notice that grateful people have a particular linguistic style. They use the language of gifts, blessings, abundance, and fortune.

You can feel grateful when you use positive and enlightening words. Don’t use the words that make you feel stressed. To be positive, you can use daily affirmation. Look in the mirror every morning and say positive affirmations to yourself. Don’t use bad language for other people as well.

8. Spend time with loved ones

spend time with your family gratitude

When you don’t feel gratitude towards life, spend some time with your friends and family. It will strengthen your relationship with them. By spending time with them, you can show gratitude towards the people you love.

You don’t need to put big efforts to show your love and gratitude. Start small. For example, listen to their talks intently. Give a compliment to your family members. Show them how much you love them. Spending time with your loved ones make you feel more energized and happier.


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