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8 Stress relief tips for busy lifestyles

The lifestyle of people is getting hectic nowadays. People are so caught up in everything that they forget to take care of themselves. It leads to an increase in stress. De-stressing is very important in a hectic life. Stress management techniques can help you to reduce stress level. There are some things you can do to reduce the stress on a daily basis:

1. Eat healthy & exercise

eat healthy stress relief tips

Eating healthy food means staying refreshed. Never skip a breakfast. Grabbing fast food is not an ideal diet. Healthy food and enough amount of water consumption are crucial for your mental and physical health. Avoid proceed foods, too much sugar and alcohol. Daily exercise is a key to stay healthy. When people feel stressed, they tend to desserts. You should try it. Eating desserts will activate anti-stress molecules inside the body and make you feel happy and better.

2. Meditation

meditation stress relief tips

Meditation of 30 minutes to 1 hour can bring major changes in your stress level. You can start with a simple breathing technique. Breathing technique will help you to feel relaxed and calm. Yoga is effective for stress management. There are thousands of meditation music tracks are available on the internet. You can listen to music and meditate. Start small. Develop a habit of doing meditation at least 10 to 15 every day. Your mind will be refreshed and joyful after meditation.

3. Develop “can do” attitude

can do attitude stress relief tips

Your attitude and confidence can help you to achieve the target and bring success. Your attitude towards any situation will determine your stress level. Be optimistic. Don’t feel threatened by stress. See stress as a challenge to conquer.  Face the situations and believe in yourself. Positive attitude towards life can reduce your stress level drastically.

4. Learn to say no

learn to say no stress relief tips

80% of our productivity comes from 20% of our efforts. Focus on the 20% to reach your goal. Say no to useless activities, requests, and time-stealers. You will be already busy in your own work and saying yes to help others will only pile up more work. It will lead you to feel over-stressed. Be courageous to say no. You can respond to people by saying, “It is not against you, it is for me.” Say no to the good so that you can say yes to the great.

5. Get more sleep

get more sleep stress relief tips

Our mind and body need enough sleep to keep itself fresh. If you are not getting enough sleep, your body will use stress to keep you active. Have a habit of having 6 to 8-hour good sleep. With enough sleep, you get energy for the next day. Do not compromise with your sleeping schedule.

6. Go for a short walk

take a walk stress relief tips

When things get really stressful, take 5-10 minutes to take a walk in the fresh air to clear your mind. Fresh air is good for digestion, improves your mood and strengthen your immune system. Walking regulates the stress hormones. Fresh air will give you inner peace and boost your productivity. Short walks give you something to look at and get your body moving.

7. Don’t try to control

don't try to control stress relief tips

Fear can increase your stress level. Accept that you can’t control every situation. Some things are not in your control and that is okay. Don’t get affected by fear and uncertainty. Have trust in yourself that things will work out. Your fear is based on expectations and assumptions. When uncertain circumstances take place, you feel stressed. Let go of your fear. Less fear will lead to less stress. You can control yourself not the whole world or every situation and person. Go with the flow and try to be at ease with life’s uncertainty.

8. Limit your caffeine intake

limit your caffeine intake stress relief

Caffeine can exacerbate your stress response and keep you from experiencing restful sleep at night. Excessive caffeine can have many side effects. Find ways to get more energy with less caffeine. Suddenly staying away from caffeine will give you unwanted headaches. Reduce the usage slowly. Otherwise, excessive caffeine will create a cycle of chronic sleep deprivation.

Above are some easy tips you can follow. How do you cope up with stress? What helps you to feel less stressed? Let us know in the comment box below.


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