8 Protein myths you need to stop believing

There are so many protein myths going on around people. People don’t have enough knowledge about protein. That is why they tend to believe in protein myths for a longer period of time. In this article, we will describe some protein myths that you need to stop believing:

1. Too much protein is harmful to your kidneys

In many nutrition schools, people say that overdose of protein is harmful to kidneys. It is not true. If you don’t have any kidney problem then you can definitely eat a higher-protein diet. Don’t increase your protein intake suddenly. Start slowly. To make sure about your protein intake, you can contact your family doctor as well. In case, you have kidney disease, then according to the doctor’s suggestion, you should have limited consumption of protein.

2.  Reducing protein will lead you to weight loss

You might not be aware that when you cut down consumption of protein, it has a drastic impact on your health. Though you are on weight loss diet, there is some specific amount of protein that you should consume. Otherwise, your weight loss goal will become harder. Many studies have proved that, when you take extra calories from protein, you lose weight. So never reduce your protein consumption.

3.  Everyone should have the same amount of diet

Everyone has a different immune system. You can’t follow the same diet, your friend followed. You should never compare your protein consumption with your friends or family members. According to one research, ideal daily protein consumption for men is 56 grams and for women 46 grams. You can consult your nutrition doctor to know the exact amount of protein you should take on a daily basis. Keep in mind, whatever ideal protein level you have this month, will not be same in next month. Our body changes by the time, the same way you will have to change your protein level.

4.  Eating extra protein help to build muscles

For muscle building, there are three major elements required – calories, protein, and good strength program. Having protein is not enough to build muscle. Your body also requires amino acids to boost muscle mass. Exercise is mandatory along with taking protein. Protein helps to strengthen the immune system. Along with protein, you should have a healthy diet to build muscle.

5.  Protein powder is the only way to build muscles

protein powder protein myths

If you are taking daily consumption of protein, then you don’t need to extra protein supplement in form of powder. And if you’re taking protein powder with water, then you don’t need to stop your protein diet. The powder is a good source of protein but it can’t be used as a substitute for a whole food source. Protein powder should not be your primary source of protein. You can consult a health expert before you start taking protein powder.

6.  You can digest a lot in one sitting

Usually, people have a habit of eating too much in one day. Some people are exceptions. They believe that it is ok to eat too much in just one sitting. Well, the truth is when you have excessive food, your body will not digest everything. It will store it as a fat. Same goes with protein. If you have protein consumption all at once it does not mean your body will absorb protein all at once. Next time when you go to buy a protein-packed meal, check the label as well.

7.  You need protein supplement right after post-workout

sport drinks post workout protein myths

Many people believe that they should have a protein shake immediately after work out. Otherwise, they will not able to build muscles. This myth is not true. If you are not going to take meal within two or three hours then only you should take a protein shake.  Taking both shake and meal soon will increase your calorie consumption. After exercise, you can have your protein within 2 to 3 hours rather than immediately. It is advisable that you should not consume protein-meal right before working out. Or be ready for stomach cramps. You can take a carbohydrate-rich snack before a workout.

8.  Protein bars are good for health

protein bars protein myths

Some people consider protein bars as the best option to get a daily dose of protein. Next time you go to buy a protein bar – check the packaging. Many of the protein bars’ ingredients contain carrageenan. It can cause irritation and cancer as well. Some protein bars contain caramel color and artificial sweetener. You might have a question – which type of protein bar is good for health? Buy a bar under 200 calories and high in protein. Make sure it is low in sugar. You can replace it with a meal or snack.


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