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8 fast and easy ways to make money from home

In today’s tech world, there are thousands of ways to make money from home. In some home jobs, you have to work for someone else or you can simply start your own home business. Due to kids and other responsibilities, many people choose the option of working from home rather than 9 to 5 job. From the pool of lots of ideas, we have shortlisted some of the best and convenient ideas to make money from home. Start exploring these ideas and get ready to earn more money from home:

1. Sell out old stuff

sell out old stuff make money from home

With the help of the internet, you can sell out old stuff that you haven’t used for a long time. There are many online resources available where you can sell your used items such as books, jewelry, electronics, furniture, clothes, DVDs etc. To sell your stuff, you can use online platforms like eBay, BookFinder, ThredUp, Decluttr, OLX, and Quikr. While putting your stuff online for sale, make sure you take a great photo and write a proper description of the item.

2. Sell on Amazon

sell on amazon fba make money from home

Amazon is the world’s largest online retail shop. You can sell items on Amazon and earn money. Use Amazon’s FBA and sell your products. FBA means Fulfilled by Amazon. Do enough research before you start selling on Amazon. Your one mistake can cost you money. Amazon’s Work-From-Home Customer Service Associate is also a good option to earn money from Amazon. Amazon FBA business is a good start to make money from home.

3. Get paid to give your opinion

get paid to give your opinion make money from home

You can participate in surveys and get paid to give your opinions. Many companies use a focus group to get feedback on their products or services. In some focus group, you have to participate in person and others are done online. For surveys, you can sign up in websites like – MyPoints and Survey Junkie. Websites like –, Google Usability and Find Focus Groups are useful to join focus groups.

4. Freelance writing

freelance writing make money from home

If you are good at writing then lots of opportunities are out there for you. You can write technical or marketing pieces, or articles for journals or write for newspapers and magazines. Providing translation service is also a good option if you have mastered any language. Writing, editing, translating, proofreading – all these options are useful to make money from home quickly.

5. Share your knowledge

share your knowledge make money from home

To make money from home, you can share your skills or knowledge in online classes. People are willing to pay fees to learn about many fields of knowledge. You can teach anything – cooking, yoga, craft, gardening, playing a musical instrument, foreign languages. The best thing about this idea is – you can create your own schedule to teach and keep fees as per your talent and experience in the field. Keep your prices low in comparison to commercial classes. Offer classes for individual and group as well. Teaching at home and teaching online – both are good options to share your knowledge and make money from home.

6. Transcription work

transcription work make money from home

Transcription work is a growing field. If you are good at listening, transcription field is good for you. The faster and more accurate you can listen to those audio files and type them into text, the more you can get paid. There are various fields in transcription work such as legal transcription, financial transcription, medical transcription, and real-time transcription.

7. Rent a car

rent a car make money from home

Yes, you can earn money from your vehicle. If you have a car then you can rent it out to people who don’t own a car. In case of having more than one car, you can provide taxi services to people. While deciding the price of renting a car, consider the factors such as gas expenses and car maintenance expenses. Nowadays many online portals are available who pay you to drive your own car. Some of the popular examples are Uber, Lyft, and Just like cars, if you have extra room in your home then you can give it on rent. Renting out your properties is a smart way to make money from home.

8. Test websites

website testing make money from home

There are lots of companies out there who will pay you for your time to evaluate and provide feedback on their apps and websites. Website testing is a perfect job you can do in your free time. You should keep in mind that website testing is not a full-time job and it will not replace your entire income. Many online platforms pay good money for website testing such as Usertesting, Userlytics, and StartUpLift. You can sign up on multiple websites to get more opportunities. You can continue testing websites until you figure out other opportunities to increase your income.

There are many ways to make money from home. But make sure that you have a proper schedule for work so that you can balance tasks of home and your work. Many online money making opportunities turn out to be a scheme and cheat people. Stay aware while choosing the company you start to work with. We have only listed some of the ideas to make money from home. Share us your ideas in the comment section. We would love to know your ideas.


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