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8 Brilliant ways to get out of debt faster

Many people want to pay off their debts altogether. They don’t know the best ways to get out of the debt faster. Debts have the capacity to destroy all your financial dreams. To pay your debts, you will require dedication, persistence, and determination. The debts stop people to live a rich life.

There are some strategies that can make paying off debt faster. It is essential to learn to get out of the debt as fast as possible. Your aim should be focusing on earning and investing

Here is how to get out of debt faster:

1. Eliminate temptation

Your goal should be to reduce debt, not the increase in debt. The first thing you need to do is dump your credit cards. Whenever go shopping, buy only which is required the most. Don’t get into the temptation of buying due to discounts and offers. If you are a shopaholic, next time go shopping with a list of things to buy. Impulse buying will lead you to increase your debt.

You can stop spending money on apps, ringtones and subscribing to TV channels. Cut-down all unnecessary expenses such as eating out rather than making dinner, buying gifts and excessive online shopping. Don’t get tempted by all the offers and deals.

2. Freelance to earn extra money

You can get a second job or work in extra shift. This idea does not work for everyone. If it works for you then you will be able to pay off all your debts within a short number of years. No need to working in extra shift permanently. Once you pay all the debts, you can start following regular time.

Consider the option of a seasonal job where you can work as a temporary worker. You can make quick cash by doing freelance work. Sell your skills on online platforms and get a generous amount. Creating other sources of incomes will definitely help you to get out of debt faster.

3. Drop expensive habits

If your debt keeps increasing monthly then you need to have a good look at your daily habits. There will be some daily expenses which are not necessary. For example, you might have a habit of coffee, smoking or alcohol. Quit these kinds of habits.

You can cut down on habit like eating out frequently. Create a checklist of your daily expenses and decide to get rid of some of the habits.

4. Stop using credit cards

stop using credit card get out of debt faster

Do you really want to get out of debt faster? The best way to get out debt is to stop using credit cards immediately. Credit card debt is manageable if you have the plan to reduce your debt. If you continue to use a credit card, then avoid the perks like taking cash advances.

Want to try to stop using the credit card? Simply freeze the card in a cup of ice. By the time, you will be able to use the credit card again, you might have changed your mind about spending money.

5. Pay off your expensive debt first

Make a list of your all debts. Select the debt that is charging you highest interest. Once you paid off your first expensive debt, focus on next most expensive debt. Gradually with this method, you will be left with the least expensive debt at last.

This method is known as the snowball method. By following this way, you will be able to get out of debt faster. You will feel encouraged by seeing your progress. The method is simple – pay high-interest debt first and least interest debt last.

6. Track your finance

Track your expenses monthly. It will give you a clear picture of your finance. You can track all the expenses you had during the month. Be honest with yourself. Write down all the small expenses too. With this exercise, you will be surprised to know your spending habits and areas where you can cut down on spending money.

If you have created a budget for the month then compare your expenses and budget. You will be able to know whether you could keep with the budget or not. At the beginning of the month, write down projected income and projected budget. This way you will know whether you can save money to pay off debts or you need to increase your income.

7. Sell what you don’t need

You will have many items in your home which you don’t use regularly. It’s possible to sell them and pay your debt faster. Sometimes, when your debt is high, you can consider choosing the items to sell by the need of it. For example, if you have two cars, then you sell them and buy cheaper one car or two wheeler instead.

There are plenty of ways to sell your unused items and get out of debt faster. You can sell your stuff online on platforms like OLX, Quikr, ebay etc. Else you can set up a garage sale to sell unwanted items.

8. Create a spending plan

If you get scared by the word ‘Budget’, consider it as a spending plan. Due to this plan, you will not spend more than you earn. You can create your spending plan based on your choices and priorities. Which are the expenses that you must cover this month? Which are the expenses that can be cut-down? Think about it and plan accordingly.

For example, rather than spending $5 every day on coffee, you can save $5 every day and at the end of the month, you will have a saving of $350. Pretty helpful to pay small debts right?

The bottom line

Slow and steady wins the race. By following the above strategies, you can pay off all your debts. Creating a budget and cutting down unnecessary expenses will definitely help you to get out of debt faster. With small changes in your daily lives, you can actually make effective change in your financial status.

There is always a way out. You may not get debt-free overnight. But one thing can be said for sure – you can have debt-free future if you stick with your financial plan long enough. Once you become debt-free, you can live the life you want.


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