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7 styling tricks to look skinnier in your Jeans

It is not necessary that you will always hit your weight goal. Though looking skinnier in jeans is possible with some styling tricks. There are lots of ways to look skinnier in your jeans. Don’t put away jeans from your wardrobe. Skinnier jeans will never go out of style. In this article, we will discuss how you can style your jeans to create a slender figure:

1. Dark wash Jean

dark wash jeans ways to look skinnier in jeans

You will find a wide range of washes in denim jeans. The range starts from white, dark indigo, dove gray, pale blue, inky black and charcoal. To look skinnier, you can select a denim shade in the darkest end of the color range. Dark wash jeans will make you like skinnier and you can wear it with casual and dressy tops.

Be careful while laundering dark wash jeans. They are manufactured with heavy dyes that can ruin your other clothes. In the following link you will find the tips to keep your dark denim jeans from bleeding:

So, dark wash jean is one way to look skinnier in your jeans.

2. Give attention to the length

jeans length ways to look skinnier in jeans

The length of jeans matters a lot to look skinnier in your jeans. Your jeans should have an inch or two of length below your ankles. To get the accurate picture of length, keep shoes with you which you wear regularly with your jeans. Buyer longer length of jean in case, when you wear flats and heels. When you wear flat shoes, you can roll up longer jeans stylishly.

3. Go for the perfect fit

perfect fit ways to look skinnier in jeans

Many people choose one size small while buying jeans. That actually makes them look fat. Find out the perfect jeans size and style for yourself and buy accordingly. Your jeans should not be too tight or too baggy.

For example, skinny jeans should hug your bottom, legs, and hips without squeezing them tightly. You can opt for the jeans whose fabric has 1 to 4% spandex count. It will lend body-hugging silhouette with flexibility and movement. It is very important that you find the perfect size to look skinnier in your jeans.

4. Choose high waisted bell bottoms

high waisted bell bottoms ways to look skinnier in jeans

Bell bottoms are fitted around the butt and thighs. The bell bottoms flare down and add drama to your silhouette. Wide bell bottom jeans with a fitted top will make you look skinnier in your jeans and taller as well. You can try different colors while choosing bell bottoms.

5. Wear the right shoes

right shoes ways to look skinnier in jeans

Always finish your outfit with well-chosen footwear. The right pair of shoes can make you look skinnier in your jeans and taller. For example, if you are wearing dark denim jeans then wear black or other dark colored high heeled shoes or boots. You can also choose a shoe with the shortened point.

Remember, the wrong choice of footwear will make your legs look shorter and thicker. Pair your skinny jeans with a pair of skinny heels.

6. Try faded jeans

faded jeans ways to look skinnier in jeans

You can pick acid wash jeans or shaded jeans. Choose the jeans which are faded around the center of legs. It will create an illusion of leaner legs. Never choose faded jeans which are faded around the thighs. Those kinds of jeans will highlight that area only. Wear faded jeans with a black tee and brightly colored heel.

7. Denim on denim

denim on denim ways to look skinnier in jeans

To look skinnier your jeans, you can simply wear a denim shirt or denim top with your jeans. People will think you are wearing one piece. The same fabric and color create a straight vertical line. This way you can look slender and tall with denim on denim.

To look skinnier in your jeans is an art. Above-mentioned tricks can go a long way for you to look beautiful and skinny all the time. We hope these tips will work for you. Let us know in the comment box below if you have any tips to share.


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