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7 Smart ways to improve your time management skills

In today’s corporate world, we have to do lots of tasks in just one day. To manage all the tasks and lead balanced life become a little difficult. For professional and personal success apart from other skills, you will need effective time management skills.

When you will successfully develop time management skills, you will feel less stressed. The simple understanding of time management is :

“Time management refers to the way you organize your tasks and plan how long you spend on specific activities.”

In this article we have identified some of the best ways to improve your time management skills and increase productivity:

Time management skills

1. Prioritize 

prioritize time management skills

The first thing, you can do in the morning is make a list of your tasks. Simplify your tasks with urgent tasks and tasks that can be done later. In work, you have to complete some projects within deadline and some projects can be done in extra time.

Which activities will give you the best return? Which are the most important tasks for you? – decide priorities accordingly. Don’t make frequent changes in your priorities. Stick to it and complete important tasks first.

2. Delegate tasks

delegate tasks time management skills

When we have more tasks than our capacity, we feel stressed. It is not necessary that you alone do all the tasks. You can delegate the tasks to make your work smoother. Delegating does not mean you are running away from responsibilities and tasks.

One person alone can’t do everything. When you delegate the tasks – you can take advantage of others’ capabilities and skills. When you share your responsibilities, you will feel less stressed and more productive.  Check out the link below. It will be useful to improve time management skills:

How to delegate work – the definitive guide for successful leaders

3. Make a schedule

make a schedule time management skills

To improve your time management skills, start planning your work in days and weeks. This way you will be able to know that which tasks you are supposed to perform every day. You can make a list of your tasks into three categories: work, home and personal.

The schedule will keep you on track. With a schedule, you will come to know about your tasks in advance and in case if you miss any tasks you can go back to schedule and work on it. You will have to be ready for some urgent, surprising tasks. Try to balance your schedule and give some room for urgent tasks as well.

4. Avoid procrastination

avoid procrastination time management skills

There are many reasons why we tend to procrastinate. Reasons like –

  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of organization
  • Unpleasant task
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Insisting on perfectionism

no to procrastination time management skills

Above reasons lead us to procrastination. We don’t do the work which is needed. When you procrastinate, you waste your time and energy. Procrastination will create major problems in your professional and personal life. Your productivity will decrease.

5. Learn to say no

learn to say no time management skills

Many people hesitate to say “No”. As a result, they end up with lots of tasks and feeling stressed. When someone asks for extra work, have a look at your “to-do list” then only respond.

It is totally ok to say no for the tasks which are not in your priority list. Your time and energy is valuable. Don’t waste it in the tasks which are not important to you. Learning to say no is one of the essential skill from time management skills.

6. Don’t multitask

dont multitask time management skills

People who believe in multitasking, think that this way they can accomplish more. It is not true. We can perform better when we focus on one task at a time.

Take out your to-do list and focus on one task. Complete it with proper focus and your full attention. Move on to another task. Multitasking reduces productivity. If you focus on many tasks at once then you will not be able to give your 100% to any of the tasks. To increase your concentration power, focus on one task. Managing the time does not mean to do all work at a time. With proper planning, time management becomes easier.

7. Stay away from distractions

stay away from distraction time management skills

According to one research, workers waste their time on average 2.1 hours per day due to distractions. When you are working on a specific task, turn off your emails, smartphone to avoid distractions. You can decide fix time for email checking and social media notifications.

For example to avoid social media distraction – don’t keep the tabs open on your screen. Close your email window as well. In a smartphone, you can turn off notifications of apps. Nowadays many applications are available in the market which turns off all the notification until you open the phone and check it.

Bottom line

Developing time management skills takes time. The advantages of time management are great. Time management skills reduce your stress and make you more productive.  Now that you know time management strategies, start implementing it in your daily routine. By regular practice, you will develop a habit. Practice of time management skills is must to achieve more in less time. let us know in the comment box how those strategies helped you.


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