7 Simple tips to beautify your home

Designers don’t have any secret rule book to beautify your home. You don’t need to be an expert in interior designing to beautify your home. Anyone can design his or her home by using creativity and imagination. And yes, you don’t need a heavy budget to design your home. With minimum efforts and cost, you can design a beautiful home. Small changes in your home can make a big difference. Your home should be designed in such a way that you feel like not leaving the house ever. There are endless options to decorate your home. Don’t worry we have the right solution. We have come up with 7 simple ways to beautify your home:

1. Touch of greenery

go green beautify your home

Adding greenery is the easiest way to beautify your home. You can add plants to your living room. It will give you a sense of life and vibrancy. Your home will look more beautiful with green plants around.

You can have indoor tree or seasonal bouquets in your home. Green plants can clean the household air and balance humidity. They also remove harmful gases from the air. Every home should have some green plants. You can put green plants in each room or only in the living room.

2. Create a focal point

create focal point beautify your home

It is not necessary that always television should be a focal point of your house. You can keep the dramatic hood in the kitchen, a mantel, and art piece in the living room as a focal point.  When deciding the focal point, make sure that it will draw attention.

In the above image, a fireplace and lighting both are the focal points of living area. Those both will be the first thing you will pay attention to.

3. Paint

paint beautify your home

A fresh coat of paint can brighten up your room. It is not necessary to paint the whole house. You can simply paint a corner wall or kitchen wall or living room. There are thousands of paint colors with different tones and shades. Which color would be the best that depends on the light source, furniture color, rug, and artwork.

For example, bright colors can re-energize your room. Want to make a boring space of home beautiful? – Apply the fresh coat of paint somewhere unexpected. You can paint inside the closets, hallways, and fireplace mantels. You can add beauty to your any space of home by applying stunning colors.

4. Reduce the clutter

declutter beautify your home

To make your space appear larger and inviting, get rid of unnecessary items and furniture. It will create a sense of beauty in your space. There will be lots of things in your house which is of no use.

So give away all the things you are not using for a long time. When you lose weight, you feel lighter right? Your home will feel the same after decluttering. The messier your place is, the worst your space will look. To beautify your home, keep your place clean. You can sell unused items or donate it somewhere.

5. Use decorative mirrors

use mirror beautify your home

Want to make your home look bigger? Decorate your home with a mirror. Your home will look larger, lighter and open. In case of a limited amount of natural light coming in specific room, place mirror directly across from the windows.

This will add instant light to your room. You can use an artistic mirror to fill empty wall space. You should use frameless mirrors to make your space look bigger. There are many options to place the mirror. For example, you can keep multiple mirrors with different shapes and designs. More mirrors will fill more light to the room.

6. Use area rugs to soften hard wood floors

texture beautify your home

When you use rugs in your living space, it can add texture, color and different outlook to your living space. The hard wood floor looks great but lacks comfort in cooler months.

You can choose different types of fabric, pattern, and colors while buying rugs. You can even change the rugs during different seasons. For example, choose lighter rugs for warmer days. While choosing don’t pick too small rug or too big rug. If you want rug beneath your furniture, then buy a bigger rug. Make sure the color of your rug suits furniture and wall colors as well.

7. Give furniture some breathing room

furniture breathing space beautify your home

Don’t overcrowd your room. You don’t have to fill up space with lots of furniture. You can buy quality pieces or furniture rather than more pieces of furniture.

When you go shopping for furniture, keep the budget in your mind. You definitely don’t want to spend all your budget on lots of useless furniture. It is totally ok if you can buy two or three furniture only on your tight budget. Rather than too many furniture pieces, only a few but attractive furniture is a way better choice.


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