7 inspiring books every parent should read

There are endless parenting books available on the market. Some parents totally rely on parenting books. Some parents don’t read parenting books. They believe that books promote formulaic ways of parenting. Children aren’t robots. All children have their own mindset and character. Apart from friends, family and support groups – parenting books can be a helpful guide for parents.

There are some useful books in the market that can help parents to understand their kids and raise them right. We have tried to select the books that give valuable information to parents without being overly prescriptive. These books are from psychologists, educators and parents themselves.

1. How to raise an adult

how to raise an adult books

Julie Lythcott-haims is the author of “How to raise an adult” book. She is a former Stanford University advisor. She gives guidance on parenting approaches to help kids thrive in college. In this book, she has described the missteps parents often make.

You will get an understanding of how to nurture your kids toward resourcefulness, emotional intelligence, and competence. The book suggests us to do less, not more when it comes to parenting. According to Julie, over parenting does enormous psychological harm to children. She focuses on three parenting styles: overprotecting, over directing and hand holding. How to overcome these styles and how to change your thinking and behavior – this book has all the suggestions covered.

2. Simplicity Parenting

simplicity parenting books

This amazing book is a brainchild of Kim J. Payne and Lisa M. Ross. The book offers practical suggestions to bring ease and space into your life. In this book, you will get tips on simplifying your life, scheduling breaks in life’s routine, and establishing rhythms to reduce tension.

“Simplicity Parenting” is a blueprint to live with a greater sense of ease as you raise your child. This book will help you to change your routine. In result, you will worry less and enjoy life more in parenthood. The author gives ideas to reduce clutter from your life. The book consists of concepts of food, sleep, and rest. Basically, this book focus on one thought – simple things are best. So you will learn the strategies of simplifying your life.

3. 100 promises to my baby

100 promises to my baby books

Mallika Chopra is the author of “100 promises to my baby” book. This is a perfect book for you if you are a new parent. This book is a series of 100 promises that author Mallika Chopra made to her baby.

This book has ten chapters with titles like traditions, miracles, spirit, love, and lessons. The author has shared her personal stories to give a personal touch to the book. The 100 promises are in form of short essays, poems, and stories. This book will lead parents to think about their values and beliefs. Author reveals the secrets that will nurture children to become loving, mature and secure human beings.

4. Teenagers translated

teenagers translated books

The two authors of the book – Janey Downshire and Naella Grew are counselors. They are specialized in the teenage development and emotional literacy. This book will help you to develop a clear understanding of how teenage behavior links to emotions and psychology.

As a parent, you will learn how to spot when something might be wrong. This book gives neurological insight into the way teenagers act and feel. According to one research, the brain undergoes huge structural changes during the teenage years. The book will help you to understand your child’s behavior. The authors have shared many methods to raise teens effectively.

5. The magic years

the magic years books

Selma H. Fraiberg is the author of this classic book. The book was published in 1959. This book will take you in into the mind of the child. The book describes the first six years of children’s life. A classic book is divided into three parts: the first 18 months, 18 months to 3 years, and 3 years to 6.

She discusses the problems at each stage of development and reveals the qualities. In this book, Selma discusses theories about talking, feeding, sex education, fantasy, fear, and self-control. This book will be very useful for new parents. To understand the mental and emotional development of your children, you should definitely read this book.

6. Siblings without rivalry

siblings without rivalry books

The kids fight a lot. You always have to play a role of referee. In this book, you will learn how to handle sibling relationships. Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish are authors of this book. You will learn how to teach your kids to get along.

Authors have provided tactics for handling violent physical fights and overdetermined family roles. The book consists of their personal examples. They simply suggest – “put yourself in your kid’s place and think about how you will feel in those situations.” This book encourages parents to step in the fight when needed, give them advice and step back as soon as possible. The book will teach you effective ways to reduce conflict and generate goodwill between siblings.

7. The five love languages of children

the five love languages of children books

Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell are authors of this book. Every child is a unique individual. Every child shows and experience love in a different manner. This book will help you to understand which love language suits your child.

The book suggests that discipline and learning are related to love language. Authors have given various examples to give you a clear understanding of love languages of children. Five love languages are – physical touch, gift-giving, quality time, acts of service and words of affirmation. This book offers a set of tools to show affection. Authors have given the concept of “Love Tank” in this book. To understand your children’s emotional needs, this book will be useful.

We hope this books will be useful for you and you will be a great parent after reading these books. Do you have a favorite parenting book? Let us know in the comment box below.


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