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6 ways to reduce mobile app uninstall rates

Mobile app industry is booming. If you have developed an amazing app then you will definitely want to acquire as many users you can and engage the existing users to the depth. What do you think – why users keep installing and uninstalling apps on their phone? The answer is simple – if users don’t get what they want, they will simply uninstall your app. If your app fails to appeal user, your uninstall rates will definitely drop down. According to one survey by Localytics, 71% of users uninstall an app within 90 days. So what can you do to prevent users from uninstalling your app? We have found some ways that you can follow to keep your users engaged with your application:

1. Have a look at drop-off points

analyse the app's performance

There will be many reasons why users uninstall your app. App metrics help you to identify where users are dropping off in your application. There can be many reasons for drop-offs. Maybe your app interface is not easy to browse, Maybe your app logo is not attractive enough etc. Identify such issues and resolve those issues so that you can reduce the app uninstall rate. To solve the issues, you can work on app engagement. Maintain the data about the users that engage with your app. After that set a goal for app engagement and compare the current performance as well.

In order to attract users, you should keep improving the application. App updates will tempt users to stay longer. But you should make sure that you don’t offer too many updates. For example, if you are having an e-commerce app then you can introduce discounts to your new and loyal customers. If you will be able to find the right reasons then you can plan marketing efforts accordingly.

2. Keep improving the functionality

improve mobile app functionality

Your app becomes useful for users that is not enough. Your app should offer efficient features. Most important point – your app should be free from bugs. Unique functionalities will definitely attract users. Adding new features regularly will be beneficial too. You should update the features at least once in a month to keep your users always engaged. If you identify any problems then you can fix the issues and provide modifications in the next update.

3. Add value in the notification

valuable push notification

Push notifications can be useful and annoying at the same time. The best alerts are those that do not irritate the users. You can remind users about the app but you should not irritate them with frequent notifications. You should provide useful notifications only such as you can send daily reminders that keep badgering users to sign up for your newsletter. Your notification should be specific because no one likes their phone beeping for useless information.

4. Keep privacy concerns in mind

privacy policy of mobile app

App users value privacy. Therefore, you should be very careful about protecting the data of users. According to the study by Pew Research Center, 43% of users uninstall the applications due to privacy issues. Sometimes unsecured application leaks the customer data without them knowing it. If your app stores private information, you should make sure all data is encrypted. Your app’s sound privacy policies will lead to reducing uninstall rates.

5. User-friendly UI/UX

user friendly user interface

High-standards of design, layout, and functionality matters a lot when it comes to developing the user-friendly application. Therefore, your app design should not be too much complex. If the design of your app doesn’t attract users then they will instantly uninstall the app. Better UI/UX will lead to maximum engagement and conversion. While designing the app, focus on font, color, and contrast. Dull color in your application will not attract users. If your app has simpler look then it will be easy to understand. Simple and sophisticated user-friendly UI/UX is key to attract more users.

6. Customer support

customer support

How can you make sure that your users are connected to you? Users can stay connected to you through a website or social media. If you respond to customers instantly then they will stay loyal to you for a longer period of time. Providing the best customer support will help you to lower down the uninstall rate.

A good user experience is a key element of any application. Your task should be to provide a better user experience so that you can get loyal users. You have to make sure that you engage your users on a daily basis. Decrease the number of errors and you will be able to reduce the uninstall rates. Think like a customer, what features and functionalities will you expect in the application? Make sure you provide the same to your users. If you follow above-mentioned tips then definitely uninstall rate will decrease. These tips will keep your app on the radar.


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