6 Ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle

There is a lot of talk about going green. “Being green” is becoming a common and agreed upon lifestyle. Not many people are aware of the small things they can do in their daily lives to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. To save the environment, we can start finding ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. You can start by focusing on smaller changes in your lifestyle. Those small changes will help the environment and will help you financially, physically and mentally.

Here are some easy and small changes you can make in your everyday life to help live a more eco-friendly lifestyle:

1. Skip vehicle from time to time

Nowadays most of the people use four-wheeler or two-wheeler on daily basis. To save resources such as petrol and diesel, we can skip the vehicle once in a while. We can choose to walk or ride a bicycle. It will be also beneficial for your health. According to research, 30-minute physical exercise is must for health. Riding a bicycle or walking will also fulfill your health goals. Air pollution can be decreased this way.

2. Develop a habit of recycling

Recycling is not just about plastic and paper. There are many ways of recycling. For example –

  • You can use decrease the use of paper to save trees.
  • Compositing is a good way of recycling. You can use food scrap to create quality nutrients for your garden.
  • Use those materials which can be recycled.

There are many products available in the market made from recycled material. Many companies have started producing products like water bottle, shoes and T-shirts from recycled material. An eco-friendly lifestyle is a good way to contribute small change in the world.

Easiest ways to live an eco-friendly life

3. Grow veggies at your home

ways to live eco friendly life style

You can save on organic foods at the grocery store by buying in-season or on sale. Gardening is the best way to save your money. You can grow various veggies in your garden. Seeds are inexpensive. You can start gardening with an easy variety of foods. After some experience, you can grow other vegetables. Growing veggies at your home will help you to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and save your money too.

4. Use canvas bags instead of plastic

Many stores have started offering canvas bags. They are decreasing the use of plastic bags and paper bags. Canvas bags might cost a little amount. A canvas bag can be used to store items or packing items when moving. Reusing plastic bags is a good way to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. You can recycle your used grocery bags.

5. Purchase the right bulb

Saving electricity is also one way to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Buy CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs. CFL bulbs can last more than five times longer and use less electricity than regular incandescent light bulbs. CFL bulbs are brighter. So you can use fewer lamps in your home.

6. Support green businesses

green business eco-friendly lifestyle

A lot of companies are making efforts to be eco-friendly. They are trying to be eco-friendly in their packaging technique or product material. Companies like IKEA and Unilever are focusing on building environmentally friendly products. Next time when you go shopping, buy eco-friendly products.

Living a greener lifestyle does not have to be difficult. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle goes far beyond just turning off lights when you leave the room or separating your garbage for recycling. It is about changing the purpose of how you live. Change your habits and start living an eco-friendly lifestyle today.


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