6 Foods to help fight depression

Depression is becoming common among people. People try everything to get out of depression. There are many types of treatments available for depression such as medications and therapy. You should be knowing that nutrition also plays an important part to fight depression. As people say – “You are what you eat”. Foods play vital part physical health as well as mental health. Some small changes in your regular diet can help you to get rid of depression. There are variety of options of food available to fight depression. We have mentioned some of them below:

1. Nuts

nuts to fight depression

Nuts are loaded with zinc, copper, selenium, magnesium, and manganese. Cashews, brazil nuts, and hazelnuts are part of nuts but walnuts are the winner in this category. They are known for over-all brain health.

Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acid which supports brain function and reduces depression symptom. Where in brazil nuts help to calm the nerves. Almonds are the powerhouse of the cells. It protects us against diseases and provides us needed energy.

2. Berries

berries to fight depression

Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are the highest antioxidant foods. According to one research, it is proved that people who added berries in their regular diet had a lower depression score. Actually, antioxidants are like DNA repairmen.

Antioxidants fix our cells and prevent them from getting cancer and other illness. You can try a variety of breakfasts with various berries.

3. Seeds

seeds to fight depression

There are various kinds of seeds you can try to get rid of depression. Flaxseed and chia seeds are great for depression. They are great source of omega-3 fats. Just like that sunflower seeds are nutrient-dense foods. They contain magnesium.

You can try pumpkin seeds as well. Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc. Pumpkins promote emotional resilience. According to one research, it is proved that zinc deficiency leads to depression.

4. Beans

beans to fight depression

For protein and fiber, beans are a great source. It helps to maintain blood sugar level. It is said that – beans are good for the heart. The more you eat the more you laugh. They are good for your body as our body digests them slowly.

Beans contain folate, which helps to detox cells and creates new cells. You can have daily a half cup of beans. Try it on your top of salad. Pinto beans are also a good choice. Beans help to minimize the blood sugar spikes. Because those spikes can affect our mood.

5. Whole grains

whole grains to fight depression

To really get rid of depression, focus on high-fiber carbohydrates. They are found in whole grains. Carbohydrates improve your mood quickly. According to one study, it was found that whole grains are associated with lower rate of depression.

You can include brown rice, oatmeals, whole grains and sweet potato in your diet. Wheat pasta is also a good choice. Whole grains help the body release serotonin.

6. Leafy greens

green veggies to fight depression

Leafy greens like spinach, mustard greens, lettuce, and watercress are good for health. Plant-based foods help to prevent depressive disorders.  Green veggies are rich in folate and vitamin B. Low folate leads to depressive symptoms.

They are a good source of alpha-linolenic acid. If you are looking for food to stabilize your mood, definitely go for leafy greens. Leafy greens contain vitamin A, C, E, and K. Add them in your diet from today.

Foods to avoid

1. Alcohol

avoid alcohol to fight depression

Drinking will make depression symptoms worse. Sometimes alcohol consumption leads to the risk of panic attacks. Alcohol has an effect on a person’s mood. Don’t make drinking your habit. If you really want to get rid of depression stop drinking.

2. Refined foods

avoid refined foods to avoid depression

Foods that are high in sugar are harmful to health. High-calorie foods increase depression symptoms. After consuming refined foods, a person may feel mood swings and energy swings. So if you really want to balance your mood and energy level – try nutrient-dense foods.


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