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6 best frameworks for developing android apps

Android’s market of a smartphone is getting bigger. The demand of android apps is increasing. We know that it is difficult to build an app. Android app development is a time-consuming process. All Android developers use frameworks. The question arises – Which app development framework will work best?

There are various frameworks available to help develop apps quicker and faster. Android frameworks reduce the efforts of developers and increase productivity.  We will outline the best frameworks for you.

1. Corona SDK

corona labs framework

Corona SDK enables fast app development. For beginners, it is the best choice. Game developers use this framework. The Corona SDK hosts native UI support, a built-in-engine, and 500 APIs.

This framework uses Lua – an adaptable programming language. It is easy to learn. It supports Windows & macOS. There are many useful features. You can see the changes that you make in your app. You can publish them to major platforms from a single code base.

2. jQuery Mobile


jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized mobile app development framework. It is an HTML5 framework. You can write one version of the code and it will be responsive. This framework lacks some advanced features.

It offers features like semantic markup, progressive enhancement, and themeable design. You can build an application for Android, iOS, & Blackberry. You can use this framework to make responsive web apps.

3. PhoneGap

phone gap framework

PhoneGap is a cross-platform framework sponsored by Adobe and Apache. It supports HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The new 6.0 version provides windows phone support. You will not need complete knowledge of programming languages.

Create a single codebase that can run on many platforms using PhoneGap. The best part is you can develop apps within a few minutes. To develop a hybrid mobile application, you can use this framework.

4. Realm

realm framework

Realm is a powerful framework for mobile databases. This platform saves weeks of app development time and simpler than SQLite.

The realm enables you to write your app’s model layer in a safe and fast way. The company recently launched realm for Android. They gathered 20,000 developers on their iOS platform in 8 weeks. You can build reactive apps in real time. Realm offers collaborative features to optimize online and offline experiences.

5. TheAppBuilder

the app builder framework

Android development frameworks list is incomplete without TheAppBuilder. It uses HTML5 and has a codeless interface. Faster and instant development is possible in TheAppBuilder. This framework allows you to submit your apps directly to Google Maps.

TheAppBuilder allows the integration of social networking apps. It is useful for developers. To use this framework, you don’t need special design or technical skills. It is a very simple framework.

6. Appcelerator Titanium  

appcelerator titanium framework

Appcelerator Titanium is an open-source framework for Android app development. It uses a single JavaScript code base. You can build apps that work on multiple platforms with this framework.

A mobile app developed using Titanium SDK can use features like – Android menu button and employ OS-centric control. For example, cocoa UI controls. You can take advantage of platform-appropriate notification mechanisms. There are currently over 345,577,760 devices running through Appcelerator powered application.


Each mobile app framework has its advantages and disadvantages. It is not necessary that one framework will be suitable for every application. Selecting a framework depends on project requirement. Android frameworks reduce the burden on mobile app developers. They help to eliminate complex development tasks. We recommend you to hire mobile app development company to gain better results.


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