5 Ways to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the diseases we would definitely want to avoid as we age. Though there are no proven ways to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. What can we do? We can take some precautions and use some tips from our doctors to prevent it. It is true that Alzheimer’s is becoming common with the age. As long as our brain is healthy, we can stay away from Alzheimer’s. Here, we have shared some of the tips to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s:

1.  Are you managing your stress level?

Depression increases the risk of Alzheimer’s. To avoid this, your stress level and anxiety level should be maintained. Isolation, depression, mental illness, and stress – all these factors affect your health. It has an effect on the part of the brain that handles emotions, memory and thought process. You can join yoga classes, try meditation and can listen to calming music. The more you have balanced stress level, the more you will be able to lower down the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

2.  Regular exercise

exercise to prevent alzheimers disease

Physical exercise is good to keep your heart and brain healthy. According to one research, older adults should spend minimum 3 hours in aerobic exercise. With exercise, you can increase your energy level and achieve your weight maintenance goals as well. There are many forms of exercise you can try – swimming, aerobics, yoga, dancing, and cycling. To start implementing this activity, you can start with 30 minutes of daily exercise. Gradually you can increase the time duration. Your lifestyle choices will decide your mental health and risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

3.  Healthy sleep habits

good sleeping habits to prevent alzheimers disease

Sleep has a huge impact on our body and heart. Poor sleeping habits increase the risk of Alzheimer’s. As we age, it is vital to maintain brain health. For good sleep, you should turn off TV, tablets, and smartphones before one hour. Your body and mind should be getting enough rest. With good sleeping habits, you can restore and reboot your body and brain. Good sleeping habits help to prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

4.  Healthy diet

Are you facing the issue of overweight? Well, it will increase your risk of getting Alzheimer’s. Healthy diet plans can help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Which type of food you can add to your diet? – Whole grains, green vegetables, fruits, and plant-based foods. Not only Alzheimer’s disease healthy diet helps to decrease the risk of heart diseases and Parkinson’s as well. It improves your brain’s cognitive function. For a healthy brain, fish is a popular diet. You can try fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel rich with omega-3 fatty acids. For healthy brain and body, make sure you have a healthy diet plan.

5.  Are you socially active?

be social to prevent alzheimers disease

Being with people and maintaining good relationships is good for the brain and body as well. How you socially interact with people is directly connected with your brain health. What do you mean by being socially active? That is also an important thing. For example, you can go on a trip with friends or visit the museum with your family members. These type of activities will stimulate your brain parts and you will be able to be smart. Spend time with your loved ones. Laugh with them. It will help you to grow new brain cells. This type of brain activities helps to prevent Alzheimer’s.

This is not a complete list of ways to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. There are many other ways like limiting sugar consumption, quitting smoking habit, in case you diabetes then getting treatment etc. The most important thing to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s is – choosing the right lifestyle. There is no cure available for Alzheimer’s as of now. So better you start to maintain your life in the right way to prevent Alzheimer’s in the future. There is no right time to work on your lifestyle. The early the better.


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