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5 ways to boost your business with Mobile Marketing

For every business, mobile marketing is becoming an essential part. In order to keep up with the competitors, developing mobile marketing strategies will definitely help you to boost your business.  Why should any business owner consider mobile marketing?  If you are wondering about the same question then check out the following statistics given by Entrepreneur:

  • 99% of users are accessing mobile for content and information
  • 63% of internet access is from mobile
  • 62% access email from mobile
  • 15% make purchases from mobile

Mobile usage is increasing day by day. Even if you are not selling anything online, people will use smartphones to research about your company. From the above statistics, you must be now clear about the importance of mobile marketing.  The very first question comes to mind is – How can you optimize your business with mobile marketing?

Here are the five ways to boost your marketing strategies:

1 Make mobile-friendly website

The very first important thing to consider while developing your website is – it should load faster and it should be optimized for mobile viewing too. Your website should be mobile-friendly. Recently Google modified its algorithm and stated that mobile-friendly websites rank higher in comparison to other websites. The best way to make your website mobile-friendly is to create a responsive design. Moreover, add clear links and user-friendly icons on your website.

2 Relevant content

If you want to grab the client’s attention then creating a responsive design is not enough. Your client will be looking for more rather than just company details. You can provide relevant articles of your industry and you can also provide the latest information about your industry. But remember, your clients don’t like to read the content which is too lengthy. So, your task is to make sure that your content is precise and concise. To make your content easy to understand – you can utilize bullet points and small paragraphs.

3 Text message marketing

E-mail marketing is a great way to reach your clients. Along with e-mail marketing, you can gain benefits of SMS marketing too. According to one survey, all smartphone users check their text first before doing anything on their mobile phones. Through text message marketing, you can offer valuable incentives to your clients such as discount offers and updates about new services launched by you. You can even send appointment reminders to your customers – to let them know how much you value their time. Just like emails, start promoting your services through text messages too.

4 Social friendly

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – all three are popular social networking platforms for sharing. For example, if your website contains any useful information which is worth sharing then users will immediately want to share that information on their social accounts. So you should definitely make sure that users can easily share your content. Putting a social media icon on your website is a great way for web-based mobile marketing. Social sharing will help you to increase your brand credibility.

5 Interactive mobile ads

The traditional way of advertising is not the only way of marketing. In mobile marketing, different types of ad campaigns are becoming famous nowadays.  By utilizing various ad campaigns such as video ad, display ad – you will be able to interact with clients easily. Interactive mobile ads are now replacing the traditional form of advertisement. Interactive mobile ads can help you to boost user engagement. You can choose the type of advertisement according to the type of your mobile app. You can use mobile search ads, location-based mobile ads and mobile image ads too.

Just following the mobile marketing strategies will not give you major success. Because now every business owner is focusing on mobile marketing strategies. Along with implementing mobile marketing strategies, you should also provide excellent customer services to your clients. You can personalize your mobile marketing strategies according to your business type. Through mobile marketing strategies, you can stay connected with your clients. Now, all business owners should consider mobile marketing strategies along with the business’s marketing strategy. So how are you going to make most of the mobile marketing?


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