5 powerful reasons to eat slowly

You might have heard an old saying –

“Chew your food at least 32 times for proper digestion.”

Well, it is true. The simple point is you should eat your food slowly. There are many benefits of eating slowly. Eating fast leads to poor digestion, increase in weight loss and lower satisfaction. By slowing down your eating, you can improve your health and well-being.

Here we have described a handful of reasons to eat slowly:

1. You will eat less

Eating fast will lead you to eat more. It reduces caloric intake. According to one research, your brain takes 20 minutes to be aware that your stomach is taking in food. So when you eat slowly, you will consume less by the time your brain receives stomach’s internal cues for fullness.

There is one trick that you can follow. Start your food with salad. It is not possible to eat salad faster. As you have to chew all the leaves. Same goes for the soup. You have to eat it slowly as you have to wait for cooling it down. Portion control is the vital reason to eat slowly.

2. Better digestion

When you eat slowly, your digestive system gets enough time to track the meal and digest it. Proper chewing helps to break your food down into simpler nutrients which can be used by the cells. According to one research –

  • Slow eaters consumed 2 ounces of food per minute
  • Fast eaters consumed 3.1 ounces per minute.

It means that when eat fast, you don’t give enough time to process the food in your stomach. Digestion starts in your mouth. So the more you chew, the less process you will have to do in your stomach. Eat slowly and get rid of digestive problems.

3. Weight loss benefit

As per one research, it is proved that –

“Fast eaters gain more weight over time than slow eaters.”

When you eat slowly, you feel full sooner. You will become more conscious about what you are consuming. This way you will be able to keep eyes on your diet. To maintain your weight, it is very important to slow down when eating. You will consume few calories when you eat slowly.

eat slowly

4. You will enjoy more

You can’t enjoy your food if you eat quickly. When you eat slowly, your senses get more time to expand your consciousness of flavor, a texture of food and aroma. Food can influence your mood.

Enjoy each mindful bite and you will leave the table feeling good in your soul. For example, what’s the point of eating your favorite food like pizza or dessert faster? This way you can’t enjoy the taste. You can make your meals a gastronomic pleasure. The more you enjoy your meal, the more you will feel better.

5. Less stress

Eating slowly is the best way to lower down your stress. Don’t think about what you need to do next. Be in the present moment and enjoy your meal. Don’t use a smartphone or watch TV. While eating slowly, spend some time with yourself and gather your thoughts.

When eating, focus on eating only. You will have a less stressful life and long-term happiness.


Most of us have a hectic lifestyle. We try to rush our meal all the time. Instead, we should understand that eating quickly leads to poor digestion, weight gain, and lower satisfaction. If you truly consider having a healthy life then focus on above-given reasons and start eating slowly from today itself.


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