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5 Common mobile app marketing mistakes to avoid

In this technology era, every company appears to have a mobile app. If you are building a mobile app for your business then remember some app marketing mistakes can cost you big time. Therefore, have a look at following app marketing mistakes you should avoid at all costs:

1. Building an app without marketing plan

Without the right marketing strategy, you can’t expect the success of your mobile app. There are multiple methods to market your app. For example, you can leverage your digital presence with website links, social media mentions, email lists pop-up notifications on your site. An effective marketing strategy is essential to market your app and differentiate it from the similar other apps that will make their way to the app store and be discoverable to the right users. While considering app store as a marketing strategy option – keep in mind the app’s title, keywords, and description as well. You can plan out the timeline for your marketing strategies for each stage such as pre-launch and post-launch. Start implementing marketing strategies as soon as you have developed your app.

2. Lack of research

If you really want your app to succeed then you will need to perform some market research to validate your idea. Research is an important factor not only in the development stage of the app, but also while marketing it. The first thing you should focus on is assessing the marketplace for your app by researching the key players in your app category. Research about everything. Starting with app names, keywords and customer reviews as well. Find out – which are the key features provided by competitors? Understand your target audience and competitors thoroughly. Otherwise, lack of research will not give you any huge success.

3. Not focusing on ASO – App Store Optimization

Most of the people discover apps from browsing the app store. If you haven’t optimized your app in a way that allows it to be found easily then there is a good chance that you will miss out on lots of sales. In order to have successful app store optimization – your app needs to have the right keywords. Remember, ASO is not an overnight process. You have to test, measure and modify constantly to get the desired results. Your app icon and app name should be unique and catchy. Moreover, for good optimization you can add app review plugin as well.

4. Not focusing on user engagement

According to one research, 90% of the people who download your app are gone after 6 months. If your app does not provide anything valuable then people will not return to your app. To keep users engaged, you can keep on providing updates. You can also offer exclusive deals on your app. The best thing about the mobile app is you can engage users on the personal level. If your app users are facing any issues or want to give any suggestions then they will have an option to review your app and give the rating as well. This way – you will be able to have two-way communication within the app itself.  Value your customers, give attention to users’ review and you will be able to convert them into loyal customers.

5. Not creating a microsite for your app

A microsite is a web page or group of web pages that exist independently from your main company website. Usually, microsites are used to promote one specific product or service. You should definitely consider creating a microsite for your app. It will help your app to gain more visibility. For example, if you want to pitch your app to blogs or any media outlets then your microsite can help them understand what your app does and why people should use your app. Your app’s microsite design should be simple.  You can also provide links to your app’s social media accounts. You can add video advertisement of your app, app screenshots and app store download links as well.


When you are building an app, make sure you have sound marketing strategies for your app’s success. Without the right marketing plan, your time, money and efforts will be wasted. While developing a marketing plan for the app – avoid above mentioned app marketing mistakes. So that you can create a successful app marketing campaign. Happy mobile app marketing!


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