20 easy ways to make the most of your 20s

To make the most of your 20s, read on. You may have heard old saying –

“Old enough to know better, young enough to not care”

You will be knowing what your 20s are for. You are an adult – it does not mean you can’t have little fun in your life. Here, we have listed out easiest ways to make the most of your 20s. You get the life one time. Why not experience everything you can? Try these ways in your life and make the most out of your 20s.

1. Travel

travel make most of your 20s

Traveling is the best way to meet new people and gain new experiences. You can explore different cultures and expand your worldview. Be adventurous. When someone invites you on a last-minute trip, say yes. Start appreciating the beauty in the world. You will not regret it.

2. Read a book

read a book make most of your 20s

Self-education can be fun. Reading and gaining new knowledge will freshen up your mind. If you cannot get enough time for reading, then try audiobooks. You can choose your favorite topic. Listen to the audiobook on the go. There is no point of being an uneducated person. Develop yourself by reading maximum books. Books can be your best friend.

3. Reconnect with your family

spend time with your family make most of your 20s

We become so busy in our daily lives that we don’t spend enough time with our family. Family members are the one that will always be there for you. Find the time to be with them. You will be surprised to know how little you know them. Spend quality time with your parents. Go on a picnic with them. Make sure to give your family a little love in return.

4. Accept failure

One most important thing to learn to make the most of your 20s is to accept failure. Welcoming failure is the stepping stone to success. There is nothing wrong in getting failed at something. You can learn from your mistakes. Don’t give up. Don’t think that life is difficult. Start embracing failure. Failure gives you life lessons. You definitely don’t want to make the same mistake in your 30s which you made at 25.

5. Know that you are more than your job

Don’t become a person who thinks about work 24/7. You will miss out fun. Remember, you are more than your job. Make some time to relax. It is true that in our 20s we want to work as much as we can. It is good to do something that makes you happy. Life is more than 9 to 5 job and paying bills. You can always find a job that you love.

You are a multi-talented person. Embrace your talent and do the work you love. You can combine your work with your passion. If you don’t like your current job, go get a new one – the one you love.

6. Take chances

Do you really want to make the most of your 20s? Start grabbing opportunities that come along the way. Move to a new city. Quit the job you don’t like. Ask for a raise. If you think that the opportunity is unique and interesting then go for it.

You may start your career in accounting, go to investing and end up in media line. You never know without taking chances life offers. Be open to new opportunities. Some chances come only once. It depends on you how to make most out of given chance.

7. Find new hobbies

find a new hobby make most of your 20s

Develop a new hobby for yourself. You can learn to play an instrument or a new language. Explore the new passions. Keep your life interesting by trying out new hobbies. You never know which hobby can come in handy when in need. When you develop a new hobby, you get to meet new people and get new learning environment. You can add value to yourself by developing a new hobby. To make the most of your 20s, get a new hobby.

8. Do one thing that scares you

Do you believe in self-growth? Start challenging yourself. Do the activities that scare you. Afraid of heights? Go skydiving. Start avoiding your comfort zone and confront your fears. Facing your fears will make you bold and brave. Once you learn the do the things that scare you, nothing can stop you. Every big decision in your life like quitting a job or moving across the country will seem less scary. Coming out of your comfort zone is very crucial.

9. Stop complaining

You are the one who is responsible for your success and happiness. Stop blaming others. Try to look at the bright side. You cannot control everything in your life. If you don’t like something and you have the ability to do something about it then do.

There is no point of complaining about uncontrollable situations of your life. You are accountable for your actions. Make changes in yourself rather than complaining about everything. Work harder. Do more than the bare minimum.

10. Take a break from social media

take a break from social media make the most of your 20s

Take a little break from social media time to time. Nowadays people are becoming obsessed with social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There is a whole real world out there than from your little social media world.

Delete social media apps for a weekend and enjoy your free time doing activities you love. We are so much indulged in technology, we forget to see natural beauties of life. Turn off your phone and take a walk. You will love the social media vacation.

11. Invest in yourself

Self-care is important. Think of yourself as a business. Spend money on personal development classes and books. Keep improving yourself. Take out a day just for yourself once in a week. Go for a long drive. Paint your nails. Get a long bath. Visit your favorite place. Do all the activities that make you feel better. Take a day off from a busy lifestyle and be with yourself. Don’t forget to give importance to yourself.

12. Learn to forgive

No need for holding grudges towards other people. It will not give you happiness. We all are humans. We make mistakes. Forgive others and forgive yourself too. People deserve a second chance. Holding negative energy will be harmful to you. Learn to let go. Forgiving will set you free. Don’t be so hard on yourself and others.

13. Save some money

To make the most of your 20s, start financial planning for yourself earlier. Read books and take courses to learn to manage your money. We understand that you will be having bills and loan to pay off. We are not telling you to save a huge amount of money. You can start small. Save $20 every month. Increase your income and increase your saving.

14. Be independent

It is not necessary to have someone always by your side. You can enjoy being with yourself. Go to a movie or dinner solo. Learn to enjoy your own company. Explore the city all by yourself. You can go on a solo trip for adventure. Being independent will make stronger. Don’t rely on others for your happiness.

15. Don’t compare yourself with others

Stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone is different. All people have different struggles and situations. You can compare yourself to motivate yourself to be better. Don’t make yourself feel small by comparing with others in a negative way. You will not feel joy in comparison.

When you compare yourself with successful people, you don’t see the back story behind their success. All people go through the struggle and then get success. Make sure to see the brighter side and compare in a positive manner.

16. Don’t take yourself too seriously

The best way to make most of the 20s is to stop worrying. You cannot predict the future. There is no point of worrying about something that didn’t take place yet. Our mind gives us endless worries. We feel frustrated and stop enjoying the life.

Remember, you get life only once. Don’t waste your time worrying about little things. Don’t listen to negative voice from your head. Start enjoying the life. Live in present.

17. Set personal and professional goals

Your 20s is the right time to set personal and professional goals. What do you really want to achieve in your career? Which are your personal long-term goals? What is your action plan to accomplish your goals? Setting goals are not New Year resolution activity.  Keep track of your goals and achieve your goals in a decided timeline.

18. Don’t stress about love

In your 20s, don’t worry about falling in love faster. In this time, figure out who you are and develop yourself. Make yourself better. Don’t waste your time relationships which are not healthy. There is no right time for falling in love. You can fall in love in your 30s. So, don’t be in hurry to find true love for yourself. Focus on yourself.

19. Surround yourself with diverse people

Be open to meet new people. Learn about new cultures. You can learn about new ideas and culture from diverse people. Be ready to have new experiences. New people and a new culture can bring change in the way you think and live. Move to another city. Explore the new culture.

20. Stop talking and start listening

To make the most of your 20s, start listening to people with knowledge. Know other people’s perspective. It is not necessary that you have an answer of everything. When you listen to other people, you can learn something new and increase your knowledge. You can make the most of your 20s by following above tips.


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