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13 Things mentally strong people don’t do

Life is not easy. It is never going to be unless you are mentally strong. There are many people out there who are not mentally strong and give up easily. Sometimes physical strength is not enough. Mental strength plays a vital part as well. It takes courage to be mentally strong. We would like to discuss some characteristics of mentally strong people. You might be knowing what they do. In this article, we will let you know what they definitely don’t do in their daily lives.

1. They don’t try to please everyone

People who try to please everyone usually end up being the miserable person. Mentally strong people don’t fall in that trap. They have the ability to say no when needed and they speak up for themselves.

These type of people understand that they can’t make everyone happy. When you stop trying to please everyone, you can be more confident. Don’t have the fear that other people will criticize you. You can’t please everyone. Some people will be disappointed and you have to learn to accept that.

2. They don’t fear change

Usually, people have the tendency to stay in their comfort zone. They try to avoid change. They lack flexibility in their life. On the other hand, people with mental strength always welcome the change. For them, change is an inevitable part of life.

Whether its business or life – your success depends upon how you adapt to change. It is true that change will be tough at the initial stage. As time passes, you will get settled with the change. Don’t run away from change. Embrace it. Changes may come in various forms – leaving a relationship, job or starting a new business. Strong people embrace the change and start taking actions.

3. Taking risk is not big deal for them

mentally strong people

We make choices in our day to day life. There are many types of risks we have to take regardless of our like and dislikes. Financial, emotional, physical and social risks are part of our life. Some people feel fear and don’t take risks. Where in mentally strong people embrace new opportunities.

They don’t let emotions control them. You can take calculated risks. Check out the pros and cons of risks then only take action. While taking the risk – you have to make sure to keep logic and emotions balanced. The risk is not at all big deal for mentally strong people.

4. They don’t get stuck in past

We all have a history of mistakes made in past. What can you do about the past? Change it? – Not possible. All we can do is learn from the past and move on. People with strong mental health look forward to future and focus on their present. Don’t get affected by your past.

Those painful emotions will not give anything other than regret. Mentally strong people forgive people others and let go of their grief. You can even develop a new perspective towards your past. Don’t get stuck in the past memories.

5. Guilt game is not for them

Sometimes people indulge in guilt game. They feel sorry about themselves. There is no point of thinking about the situation which is gone already. Self-pity and guilt will not bring anything positive in your life. Let go of all negative emotions.

You have to take your own responsibility. Feeling helpless will not bring any result. Take actions and stop playing the guilt game with yourself. Mentally strong people never feel sorry about themselves. They truly understand that negative emotions will not bring any positive outcome.

6. No fear of alone time

Many people get scared by the thought of being alone. Mentally strong people don’t fear alone time. They can be with themselves and their thoughts. Their happiness is not dependent on others. These type of people have a different philosophy about alone time.

They see alone time as a chance of improving their creativity and self-analysis. You can have this practice as well. Take out some time to be with yourself and your thoughts. New ideas and perspectives may come in light.

7. No resent to others’ success

success mentally strong people

Everyone’s life is not the same. Some people get promotions, buy expensive cars and get achievements in their life. At this point, the feeling of jealousy can destroy your mental state of mind. Mentally strong people don’t feel anger by seeing other people succeed. They use others’ success as motivation for themselves.

What is your definition of success? What are your goals? – get answers. Don’t compare yourself with other. Everyone has different goals and abilities. People with great mental strength, celebrate others’ success and get inspired from them.

8. Immediate result illusion does not affect them

Once you make a list of goals and you will achieve it instantly – that is just an illusion.  Whatever your goals are about – health, finance, business – have patience. To achieve your long-term goals, you have to give time and put efforts. Mentally strong people understand that self-growth takes time.

Having an illusion of immediate result will disappoint you. Patience and consistent efforts will give results at the right time. Mentally strong people develop the mindset of “slow and steady”. They don’t try to accomplish all goals in hurry and half-heartedly. They know that changes take time and need hard work to achieve goals.

9. Giving up is not in their blood

mentally strong people don't give up

You might have heard the story of ant. Every time ants fall, get up again and try again. One time failure doesn’t affect them. Mentally strong people understand that one-time failure does not mean a lack of potential. We all know the famous example of Thomas Edison who faced thousands of time failure before he got success.

Instead of giving up, what you can do is improve your skills and keep on trying. See failure as an opportunity to grow. Don’t stop trying until you get success. Mentally strong people just don’t give up at any cost. You can read a book by Amy Morin – “13 things mentally strong people don’t do”.

10. Repeating mistake is a big no

Mentally strong people have a very different mindset about mistakes. They see mistakes as an opportunity to grow and learn something new. Yes, they make sure not to repeat the mistakes in the future. This kind of people takes responsibility for their mistakes.

They think about – what they could do better and how can they do things differently in the future. There is no point of making the same mistake again and again. Learn from the mistakes and make sure you don’t repeat them.

11. Go with the flow – philosophy

Certain circumstances are not in your hand. For example, you can’t control the traffic. You don’t need to complain about it as you can’t control it. Mentally strong people don’t worry about the situations they can’t control.

They understand that controlling people and their choices is not possible. You can’t control competitors, market situation or people behavior. So better let go of the feeling of controlling everything. Simply go with the flow and embrace the changes and situations that come along.

12. The world owes them anything? – No

Life does not give you anything free. You have to earn it. We have simple logic – we have worked hard and put many efforts then we should definitely have success. When our logic does not work the same in reality – we get angry on the world. The truth is the world does not owe anything to you. Mentally strong people know this truth very well.

That is why they focus on efforts and accept criticism. They don’t compare themselves with the world. This kind of people focuses on what they can offer rather than what they deserve. Mentally strong people don’t blame the world, they follow the practice of self-analysis and keep improving themselves.

13. No one can control them

You might have heard the concept of self-worth. Many people have a tendency to blame others for their circumstances. Mentally strong people know that no one can control their emotions. They have the authority of responding to others and controlling emotions.

Know your self-worth and take a stand for yourself. If people are controlling your actions and emotion, how can you expect to achieve success? You are the creator of your destiny. Mentally strong people don’t give that power to others.


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