10 ways to stay energized throughout the day

Do you feel sleepy all the time? We understand that life is stressful. You must be having lots of work and struggling in setting up priorities. At the end of the day, you would be tired. The good news is you don’t need to stay tired all the time. You can choose some smarter ways to live. We understand that busy life schedule can make you feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry. We got the solution for you. We have come up with innovative ways to get and stay energized all day:

1. Get enough sleep

sleep stay energized

If you get to sleep less than 6 hours, you will have a risk of getting diabetes and heart disease. 8 hours of sleep is a must. Proper sleep will recharge your body and mind. When you go to bed, turn off all the screen – TV, tablet and smartphones.

Due to lack of sleep, you will feel more tired and less efficient. Make sure that your bedroom temperature is normal. Turn off your lights. Even little bit of light can stop your melatonin levels from rising. You need melatonin level to rise up to fall asleep. You can wear sleep mask or blackout curtains to darken the room.

2. Don’t skip breakfast

dont skip breakfast stay energized

It is important to fuel your body in the morning to stay energized all day. Breakfast helps you avoid becoming tired and cranky. You can eat something light. Don’t eat something with too much fat.

If you don’t have time to sit down at the breakfast table, pack something healthy. The morning smoothie is packed with proteins, fats, and phytonutrients which can help you to fuel your day. Don’t have sugar ridden energy drinks and sodas. They give you an initial boost of energy, but the post-sugar crash is not worth it.

3. Stay hydrated

10 ways to stay energized throughout the day 1

When you feel like fatigue or hunger, it is usually dehydration. You should have at least 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Not just water, you can try lemon, lime or cucumber slice to give it some flavor. It will help your mind stay fresh.

Take a walk to the water cooler. This way you can stretch your legs. Have a little chat with your co-workers at the water cooler place. You will feel relaxed. And yes, don’t forget to refill your water bottle.

4. Exercise

exercise stay energized

20 minutes of exercise early in the morning can boost your energy level. You don’t need to go to gym compulsory. Simply start by taking a walk in the garden. It will increase your brain alertness. Follow the simple steps:

  • Stretch your arms over your head
  • Twist from side to side in your seat
  • Or stand up and roll your head in a circle a few times.

Exercise helps you to boost up your immune system. You can try some yoga poses as well. To calm your mind, you can try breathing exercise.

5. Have a good-size lunch

good meal stay energized

Your lunch should be healthy. Never skip your lunch. What is the definition of the perfect lunch? – Wholesome, unprocessed ingredients, compromising protein, good fats, and vegetables. Have kale, spinach, collard greens, and leafy greens.

These all food contain vitamin K, which helps you to keep your brain sharp. Lunchtime is when your digestion peaks – in this time your body can burn calories efficiently. So make sure to lunch large.

6. Rest your brain

rest your brain stay energized

Have some mercy on your brain. Stop thinking constantly. When we take a break and go out for coffee – we keep on thinking about the tasks needed to be done. Give your brain a break and stop thinking about work. Just relax and focus on your breathing. You will feel more energized.

Just like your body, your brain needs a break from time to time. You can try meditation for a few minutes to relax your mind. Keep reviving your mental engine. Once you feel refreshed – get back to the office.

7. Take a cold shower

take a cold shower stay energized

Take a cold shower instead of a hot one. According to one study, being cold helps your body create the protein FGF21 – which is involved in the production of good brown fat. This boosts your metabolism.

A cold shower helps to burn white fat. Try a cool shower, not the icy one. With a cold shower, you can have fat-burning and energy-boosting benefits.

8. Take a power nap

take a power nap stay energized

Around 1 to 3 pm, our body temperature starts to drop due to melatonin chemical responsible for sleep. Resting your body for 20 minutes will help to increase your alertness. Drink a cup of coffee before you lie down.

Caffeine takes 15 minutes to release in our system. So when you wake up from your nap, you will be extra-recharged. A short break will get your body temperature back up and help you to ward off sleepiness.

9. Laugh

laugh stay energized

For your emotional well-being, connect with others. Take a break and talk to your co-workers. As they say – laughter is the best medicine. You must be frustrated after a long-tough meeting.

Watch some funny videos to make yourself laugh. Go out for a while. Take a walk. Laughing will definitely boost your energy level. Give a call to your friend. Do anything that can bring a smile to your face.

10. Turn up the music

turn up music stay energized

To re-energize yourself, tune into some relaxing music. Soothing rhythms can slow down your heart rate. Pull on your headphones and listen to music with an upbeat tempo. Musical time-out will give you refreshed feeling.

Try to listen to Jonathan Goldman. He is a brainwave music master. Or choose any of your favorite artists. In case, you don’t have time for music, try breathing exercise.


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