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10 Tips to boost your mental health

Mental health is all about the way you feel about yourself and others. There are many steps that you can take to improve your mental health. We have listed out some of the best tips that can help you to boost mental health.

1. Exercise

exercise for mental health

Your body releases stress-relieving and mood-boosting endorphins in the workout. Exercise reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety. As exercise is a powerful antidote to stress. Do 30 minutes exercise daily. Make sure you do exercise in outdoor areas. As exposure to sunlight will help your body to produce vitamin D.

2. Volunteer

According to research, helping others has a beneficial effect on how you feel about yourself. You get “feel good” emotion by helping others. It boosts your self-esteem. You can contribute your time and efforts by volunteering in local communities. Small acts of kindness matter. Helping without expecting anything back will give you the positive feeling.

3. Build relationships

Spending time with your family and friends will strengthen your mental health and wellbeing. Spend time and energy in building strong and positive relationships with your friends and family. Being around your loved ones and positive people will increase your emotional well-being.

4. Take a break

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed frequently? Take a break. You can even follow a simple breathing exercise. It is a very simple technique. Follow these steps:

  • Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths
  • For each breath – count to four as you inhale
  • Hold it for a count of four
  • Exhale

You will feel much better after this breathing exercise.

You can also try the following ways…

5. Seek for help 

There is nothing wrong in asking for help for mental health. You can share your feelings with anyone who is much closer to you. Or you can consult your doctor or mental health professional. With their expert guidance, you will be able to cope up with your mental worries and remove mental blockages.

6. Eat well

Healthy food nourishes your body and nourishes your brain. Eating healthy food can improve your mood, energy level, and general health. Foods like spinach, kale, avocados, beans and fresh fruits can boost your mood. Vegetables and fruits are loaded with nutrients. They feed every cell of your body. Include foods with Omega-3 in your diet. It will improve your mood and restore structural integrity to the brain cells necessary for cognitive function.

7. Get enough sleep

In a busy life schedule, you might be reducing your sleep hours. Getting enough sleep is necessary. You should have seven to nine hours of good sleep. It will help you feel energized, stay focused and protect your mental health. Develop a habit of going to bed at a regular time each day.  Shut down your mobile and laptop screens one hour ago. You can take a warm bath or listen to light music.

Some daily rituals such as…

8. Do what makes you happy

Do you like playing outdoor games? Or do you like indoor games? Is watching movies or listening to music your favorite activity? What makes you happy? Do those activities which bring the smile to your face. Whatever it is. Set some specific time to do the activities you love.

9. Be grateful

Gratitude is directly connected with your mental well-being and happiness. You can keep a gratitude journal. Where you can daily write about the things you feel grateful for. To get a long-term benefit, you should do this activity on daily basis. Create a list. Which are things, people, and situations you are grateful for? Write it down and be thankful. Be grateful for what life has given you.

10. Focus on your habits

Habits can make you or break you. Bad habits like smoking, alcohol, and drugs might give you stress relief for short time. Bad habits will damage your body drastically. It is very important to develop good habits. You can develop habits like eating healthy food, getting proper sleep and doing your favorite activities. Healthy habits will definitely boost your mental health and physical health as well.

It does not matter how many tips you go through, the power to improve your mental health is in your hand. You have to take positive steps towards improving your mental health. Gradually develop the habit of those activities. You alone by yourself will be able to improve your mental health and be happier.


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