10 Small living room ideas that will maximize your space

A living room is the hub of the house. You will not like to spend time in the living room if it is cramped and cluttered. Creating a living room furniture layout is not enough. You have to design it in such a way that you love spending time there. There are many amazing small living room ideas that can make your living room more beautiful. Living room furniture layout is all about smart styling.

We have gathered the very best small living room ideas to assist you to make the most of your living room.

1. Scale down furniture

small room living ideas

In a narrow living room, every piece of furniture matters. Minimal furnishing is a good way to have a clean and uncluttered living room. You can use hammock chairs. Hammock chairs are trendy nowadays. You can consider wall-mounted shelves and floating desk.

2. Go all white

go all white living room ideas

One of the best small living room ideas is to go all white. Keep your walls and floors white to brighten up space. This way you can make a colorful piece of furniture the focal point of the room. Let the power of white add instant impact to your living room.

Easy techniques for your living room.

3. Get creative with the layout

creative layout for small living room ideas

Glass tables work well in small rooms and give the illusion of more space. Use tall selves to give the impression of added height and a sense of airiness. You can use the furniture with exposed legs. This type of furniture will give lighter feel in comparison to furniture without visible legs. Place sofas back to back to allow for two seating areas.

4. Decorate with mirror

wall mirror for small room living ideas

Interior designers often use mirrors in the living room. Keeping a mirror in the center of the living room create a focal point. You can keep mirror across from your window. The mirror reflects all light available in the room. You can use small and unique looking mirrors.

5 Capitalize on corners

make use of corner small living room ideas

Small room living ideas can help you to make most of your space. If you have got a corner in the living room then use it effectively. You can put a mismatched armchair, ottoman or pillows. Put a small table in the corner. It can be used as a coffee table. You can consider putting plants in the corner.

Some easy ways are…

6. Consider using rug

use rug for small living room ideas

Choose a large rug with a bold pattern. It will make your living room feel larger. Using rugs is one of the best small living room ideas. Your rug should match to the sofa and chairs. Use a rug that extends beyond the furniture in each functional space. A rug that sits under the sofa, coffee table, and additional seating will draw the eye wider and make that living space appear bigger.

7. Re-hang your curtains

high hanging curtains for small room living ideas

Your living room curtain should be hanging below the ceiling and wide beyond the edge of your windows. Place your curtains as high and wide as possible. It will make your windows appear larger and allow more natural light to enter the room.

8. Add floor pillows

use floor pillow for small living room ideas

Floor pillows will make your small living room feel laid-back and layered. You can try Moroccan kilim floor pillow. It will give more texture to your living room. A bunch of floor pillows is a great way to add some charm and coziness to your small living room. Simple floor pillows can spice up your interior.

Little different…

9. Break free from the basics

unique small living room ideas

You might get tempted to push furnishings against the wall. This idea can make your small living room appear cramped. Try pulling the furniture away from the wall. Use multi-purpose furniture. For example – use a coffee table with lots of drawers to hide magazines and remote controls. Use furniture with exposed legs.

10. Do double-duty

double duty furniture for small living room ideas

Having a small living room does not mean that a room can’t have multiple functions. You can use furniture having a multipurpose use. You can choose a sleeper that changes into bed. There are various kind of multipurpose furniture out there which you can use and save your space.

Decorating a small living room can seem like a difficult task. You can utilize above small living room ideas to maximize the space. These ideas will help you to make your living room more beautiful and cozier.


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