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10 Simple ways to promote Android app

Android is taking over the world. Nowadays, Android holds 85% of the market share in mobile operating systems. According to latest statistics, 2 billion Android devices are active every month worldwide. If you are thinking about building apps for android phones then remember, developing a mobile app is not enough. Promoting the app is the most difficult task for developers as they are developers not the marketers. Many developers build amazing application still they hardly get any downloads. Reason? – Lack of effective promotional strategies. The general rule of thumb is to spend about as much time promoting your app as you do to create them. So what can you do to promote your app?

With us having on your side, you do not need to worry about finding promotional strategies. We are here to help you with the mobile application. We have gathered 10 ways to guide you in marketing your app effectively. By following these ways you will see the increase in followers as well as downloads:

1 Design great landing page

Always provide a landing page so that people can learn more about your app from the website. The purpose behind creating a landing page is to turn website visitors into leads. You can provide information such as – app description, screenshots, videos, benefits & features. And don’t forget to add “call to action” to download the app. Providing great landing page will allow users to visualize the features of your app. You can easily create a landing page on WordPress.

2 Complete & optimize your app

Before you decide to submit your app on app store, make sure to complete your mobile application with a good interface. Don’t make the mistake of submitting a partial app on app store. Because submitting a partial app will lower the user ratings. If users rate well at the initial stage then Google Play Market Algorithm will take your app higher in ranking. This way you will be able to increase the downloading numbers of the application.

3 Consider multiple app stores

Google play store is not the only option to submit android application. There are many other online app stores available where you can upload your app. We have listed some of the good app stores that you can take under consideration:

4 Create a promo video 

Creating videos are the best way to visually communicate about great features your app offers. You can create 30-second commercial to showcase app’s features in an attractive manner. Provide great content including functionalities and characteristics of your app. From the video, people will have a clear concept about your application. Don’t just promote your video on Facebook. Upload it on Youtube, Vimeo or any other platforms available where you can promote the video. Before you launch an application, start promoting promo videos. Promo videos are an effective way to increase engagement as well as downloads. Moreover, creating a simple and sophisticated video for the app doesn’t cost much. Videos will be helpful to create brand awareness. Moreover, you can use video links for email marketing. You can share video links on other social media platforms.

5 Create an effective app icon

If your app’s icon doesn’t tempt people to click then you really need to work on designing part of an app icon. While creating an app icon, you should focus on following points:

  • Don’t try to copy any existing icons
  • Utilize unique shapes while designing icon
  • Avoid using photo, screenshot or text in the icon
  • Use simple backgrounds. Simplicity will always attract users.

After creating an app icon, ask yourself – is your app icon easily recognizable? Does your app icon reflect your brand? Have you tested an app icon on different wallpapers? Basically, your app icon should be attractive so that it stands out among many other apps on user’s phone.

6 Make a freemium app

It is a best option to allow people to download premium applications. The users can buy add-ons or full versions if they like the application. You can launch the app with an advertisement and after that, you can promote advance features in your premium versions. There are many ways to promote your application. For example, you can launch your application for free for 2 weeks or for a limited time period. In this period, you will be able to increase the user base. Later, you can upgrade the price. Usually, most of the game applications are freemium applications.

7 Engage with online communities

Hundreds of online forums and communities are emerging on the internet platform. You will find online communities for each market starting from fashion, gaming, education etc. According to your target market, you can join the respective community. For example, your application is designed for photographers then you should join all popular photography communities. When you join any community, introduce yourself first and let the community know about your application. Give a brief description of application along with unique features & functionalities. Once your brand gets established in the market, you can even create your own community to engage with like-minded people. If your app gets succeed in the market then you can create fan community too. Moreover, LinkedIn and Facebook community can be a big advantage for you. Through social media platforms, you will be able to promote your application among billions of people. You can even ask to join popular groups on Facebook where you can promote the app.

8 Use social network

If you are having a budget for advertising then you can choose the option of Facebook ads. Facebook install ads can create wonders. With the right type of promotion, you will be able to increase app downloads. Facebook lets you adjust the budget as per your requirement. Moreover, you can use other social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+ and Linked in. You can even submit your app on Stumble Upon & and Reddit.

9 Get featured on app reviews site

You can ask for reviews from application review websites. You have to convince those websites that your app is good enough with amazing features. This kind of websites consider many parameters such as original content, graphic design, and unique theme. Make sure that application doesn’t crash and doesn’t have any issues. There are many paid and free review websites also available online. Some of the examples are given as under:

Moreover, if your app gets reviewed by popular tech blogs then you can expect more traffic on your application. Some of the popular tech blogs are – TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and Mashable.

10 Consider Press Coverage

Press-release can be an effective way to promote your application through media. It helps you to create buzz and increase credibility.  You can connect with journalists directly and give them information about the problem your app solves. You can send emails to journalists about app features & benefits and request them to write about your application. There are many ways to promote your application through media such as getting your story published, interview with newspapers, get featured in tech blogs etc.

Always remember that if you don’t promote your app then your app will not get noticed. Apart from promoting the app, the app’s quality, features, and functionalities matter a lot. As an effective application can attract more users to download your app. We have listed only some of the ways to promote your application. You can plan out promotional strategies as per your target market and app’s usability. What are your thoughts on ways to promote an android app? Let us know in the comment box.


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