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10 essential apps to boost your productivity

In today’s hustling life, being productive is a must. Whether you have a small business or big business – there will be lots of responsibility and you will have to manage all the resources all at once. Some productivity apps can make your life smoother and efficient. There are many Android and iOS apps available to boost your productivity.

Productivity apps let you create one centralized place where you and your team can get things done. These apps boost your productivity and save your time. You can utilize this time to focus on the growth of your business. Here is the list of top 10 apps to boost your productivity:

1. Asana

asana boost your productivity

Asana is a project management tool. It shows all the projects side by side. You can create tasks and flag them with due dates. Assigning task to specific individuals, attaching files and adding notes is possible in this app.

You can create an internal checklist with your team. This app works well for managing ongoing work. Asana’s flexibility helps you to manage ongoing projects and specific tasks as well. Asana helps you to know project timelines or team calendars. You can get this app for free with limited features. For businesses – the premium version would be a nice choice.

2. Zapier

zapier boost your productivity

Zapier is a great online service that connects all the apps you use for your business. This app is similar to IFTTT. It helps you to save your time and keep the work flowing. This app helps you to have access to the following features:

  • Send important emails to Slack-based on an inbox label
  • You can create notes on Evernote when messages are starred on Slack
  • Simply turn any message into a task in your favorite task management tools

The good news is Zapier is free service. Its integration allows you to save time switching between applications and provide you with a way to create a workflow.

3. boost your productivity is on-the-go to do list. This app prompts you every single morning to review what’s on your to-do list. With this app, you can manage your time easily. It lets you put the tasks, reminders, and things you need to do in one location.

The application has one unique feature called “ moment”. This feature encourages you to make a habit of reviewing your daily tasks. You can cut down the tasks which you don’t need to do. helps you to focus on the tasks that really matter. This app is available for Android, iPhone, and Chrome.

4. Evernote

evernote boost your productivity

Evernote is central housing for productivity. It is a versatile note-taking and storage app. With this app, you can easily assign tasks to other team members. You can capture any type of note – voice memo, checklist, text note or image.

This app will help you to organize your daily schedule and let you save ideas. Evernote is a free app, though it has pricing plans. In the premium version, you can get access to features like – working offline, added security and creating videos of your notes.

5. Tide

tide boost your productivity

Tide app has a timer that you set for the length you want to work. After a specific time, it plays a natural white noise track as an alert. This app helps you to regulate how long you’re working and how long you take breaks. It allows you to be productive.

The Tide app is free service. It helps you with procrastination. The tracks in the app include sounds such as ocean waves, rainfall etc. This app can be used to help you fall asleep in a natural way. For example, this app lets you focus on the app for 30 minutes to earn a five-minute break.

6. Trello

trello boost your productivity


Trello is the best productivity app for process-based tasks and projects. It is easy, quick and visual way to understand where your workers are in the process. In this app, you can integrate boards with dedicated channels. You can create and manage tasks easily.

There are a few things you can do on Trello:

  • Change the due dates
  • Add new Trello cards to boards
  • You can attach slack conversations to cards

Trello is a free service app. You can create individual boards for each project.

7. Rescue time

rescue time boost your productivity

RescueTime is an app to track how you spend your time. In this app, you will get a weekly report of how did you spend your time via the internet, which sites you browsed and for how long? This app lets you identify how much time was productive or unproductive.

For example, if you are spending 6 hours a day on Facebook, you can block the Facebook app and focus on other important tasks. RescueTime helps you to keep track of your time. This app is a great way to find out how you are using your time. The app is available on Android, Mac, and PC. You can try out premium plan as well.

8. Focus@will

focus@will boost your productivity

Do you have a habit of listening to music while working? Then Focus@will is the right app for you. This app provides special playlists. All playlists help to improve focus and bolster your creativity. This app breakdown your personality type based on the way you think, how easily you can get distracted and how you approach problems.

Focus@will app provides over 50 diverse channels – Alpha Chill, Classical Plus, Drum zone, Acoustical plus etc. The playlists are based on neuroscience research. With proper attention due to this app, you can make better use of your time. You can have a 2-week free trial to explore the app. If you love it, go for a premium version.


ifttt boost your productivity


IFTTT – “If this, then that” app automates the actions. It allows you to create programs that respond to events with a certain action. For example, this app can let you send an Instagram Post to Facebook or to send you a text.

This app automatically bookmarks blogs for you. The more you will use IFTTT, the better you get to know about this app. IFTTT can be used to log every call you make to a Google Spreadsheet. This app is free service.

10. Basecamp

basecamp boost your productivity


Basecamp is a communication tool to manage projects, your team, and company-wide communication. It offers a message board, to-do list, a schedule, a place to save files and a “campfire” chat for general communication. This app is a little expensive.

The Basecamp takes care of SSL data encryption and daily data backup. In case, your mobile device does not support Basecamp, you can use your phone’s browser to sign in to the Web portal. This app supports Android and iOS both platforms. Basecamp premium version is $99 per month. You can try out 30-day free trial.


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