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10 Effective ways to promote iOS app

In today’s technological era, mobile app industry is expanding like never before. Most of the businesses are now demanding apps that work smoothly on both platforms – Android & iOS. As an expert mobile app developer, developing interesting iOS app is not enough. Promoting the iOS app with right strategies will make an actual difference. According to Statista, more than 2 million apps are available only on Apple App Store. It’s hard to find your iOS app if you haven’t promoted the app efficiently. Although you may have created an amazing iOS app, it is of no use if users can’t find your iOS app. Therefore, you have to invest more time and effort to promote the iOS app. After all, marketing the iOS app is a crucial part to get noticed by your target market.

We have gathered some methods to promote iOS apps:

1 Free and paid versions of your app

The easiest way to promote your app among users is making your app available in form of free or trial version or with ads. If your app users love the features and functionalities in trial version then they can buy an upgraded version. Along with trial version, if your app consists of ads then until users buy the upgraded version you can get benefit from the ads. When users decide to have full access to features and functionalities, they can opt for the paid version. This way your revenue will be generated in both ways – paid version and revenue from ads too. To conclude, free and paid version – both ways can be useful to promote your app among users.

2 Advertising on social media

social media advertising

Promoting your app on social media platforms is becoming the trend nowadays. You can submit your iOS app information on various sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc. If your app has high valued content then users will automatically share information about your app on social media platforms. Social networking can help you to get more app installs and organic traffic. Build your strong presence on social media platforms so that your app visibility can be increased. Even on some of the platforms, you can use paid methods to advertise your application. Bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumble Upon will offer effective media exposure. If you already have a huge fan following on your social media channels, then you should definitely use social networking for iOS app promotion.

3 Encourage user review

Getting reviews from your users is an integral part to promote your iOS app.  Users tend to read reviews before downloading your app. Therefore, getting 4-5 star ratings will create a positive impact on users’ mind. Users usually write their honest opinion about their experience of the app. From users’ feedback, you will be able to improve your app. There are many ways to get your app reviewed such as – review exchange, getting reviews from friends, using some online plugins. Even you can buy app reviews from prestigious companies which is totally reliable option to get more reviews.

Apart from user review, you can submit your app on various platforms to get reviewed. There are many famous app review sites available online where you can submit your app such as – freshapps,, 148 apps, and AppSafari etc.

4 Advertising

We understand that in this competitive era, marketing your app is not an easy task at all. To create brand awareness for your app – advertising can be an effective way. If you have already decided advertising budget then you can buy ad space on popular websites. Moreover display ads, mobile display ads, and Facebook ad is also a good option for advertising. Even you can collaborate with bloggers who are willing to promote your iOS app on their blog. If you are having a high budget for advertisement then you can choose options like TV ads and celebrity endorsements. While developing advertising campaigns, you should consider some of the aspects such as – creating an attractive design by choosing right photos of your app, tempting headline and “call to action” means – users should get inspired to download your app after getting impressed by your display ad.

5 Collaborate with others


Influencers who have great online presence can help you to promote your app effectively. If you have any connection with well-known business people of your tech industry then you should definitely collaborate with them. If they promote your app on their social media channels or blogs then you are likely to get more downloads. While dealing with influencers, let them know in detail what your app is all about. So that they can help you to build up brand identity. You can collaborate with social media influencers, tech bloggers, and even with news journalists. Collaboration is a great promotion activity for your iOS app.

6 Blog marketing

The easy way to promote your iOS app is blog marketing. You can create a blog related to your app and start writing blogs about mobile application and technology. Give latest and useful information to readers through blog marketing. You can give them insight into the usage of the app through various types of articles. You can even publish the guest post on your blog. On your blog, you can promote your iOS app and bring more traffic. Apart from creating your own blog, you can also opt for blog commenting. Find relevant blogs about your app. Go through blog’s articles and add valuable comments along with your app link. If readers will find your comments valuable then they will click on the link and will download your app. Blog marketing is an effective way to promote your iOS app because it’s more than promoting your app as it is also about giving valuable content to users. You can also post on relevant blogs related to your app.

7 Run a contest

How can you attract more customers to download your app? There are many ways to attract your customers like- to run a contest on social media platform or on your app. Giving discount coupon code is also an effective way to promote the iOS app. You can even provide giveaways in form of physical items such as T-shirts, Pens, Coffee mugs etc. Giveaways will generate brand awareness about your app among users. If you have recently launched your app then this type of promotional activities will be very useful for your iOS app.

8 Use Product Hunt

product hunt

If you have recently launched the iOS app then Product Hunt can be an amazing platform to promote your app. In Product Hunt, people submit the tech products and the community give votes based on whether they liked the tech product or not. You can also submit your app on Product Hunt and get reviewed by the community. Product Hunt website is very popular among developers. But getting your app listed on this platform is not an easy task. Either any member of the community has to invite you or someone from the community can post your app and tag you as a maker. If you get listed as a maker then your app can be posted quickly. Getting more downloads due to Product Hunt takes more time and effort. Though it’s a promotional strategy which will be beneficial in long run.

9 Monitoring

Don’t think that you only have to promote your app till the iOS app gets launched on the app store. There is no end to promotional activities. After releasing the app, you have to keep on measuring the app’s performance. You have to keep an eye on data and statistics related to your iOS app. By measuring the performance of the app, you will come to know what works for your app and which aspects require improvement. Usually, you can change keywords in your iOS app. So that you can know which keywords are giving you better results. Keep monitoring the app’s performance and change the ways of promoting your iOS app if required.

10 Don’t forget ASO (App Store Optimization)

app store optimization

To engage more users and to promote your app in an effective way, you must consider App Store Optimization. Make changes in the app title, app description, and app name by utilizing right keywords in your iOS app. While considering App Store Optimization, keep in mind importance of an app icon. Along with app icon, attractive screenshots and creating a demo video of your iOS app can help you to engage more users. Optimizing your iOS app can be an effective marketing strategy. As it increases the app’s visibility.


All developers want to promote their apps. The good news is a wide range of promotional techniques are available to promote the app. Remember, marketing your iOS app is not a one-time effort. You have to continuously focus on promoting the app. Moreover, quality of an app matters the most rather than any other aspect of an application. Above mentioned promotional strategies will help you to promote your iOS app efficiently. First, understand your target market and design promotional strategies accordingly. If you have any suggestions to promote the app, share with us on the comment box. We would love to hear your thoughts.



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